Manta Pacific: Transitioning to Polygon’s zkEVM layer 2 technology


  • Manta Pacific is making a strategic shift to Polygon’s zkEVM Layer 2, enhancing transaction speeds and security.
  • This move sets the stage for simplified ZK dapp development and broader blockchain interoperability.

In a strategic move set to redefine the landscape of zero-knowledge-enabled applications, Manta Pacific, a renowned Layer 2 blockchain within the Manta Network, has announced its transition from the Optimism’s OP Stack to the more versatile Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK).

Why the shift to Polygon CDK?

Rapid Finality and Enhanced Security: Manta Pacific’s decision to embrace the Polygon CDK comes with numerous benefits. Foremost among these is the promise of faster finality. Transactions that would typically take days to finalize on other systems can be completed in mere seconds or minutes using ZK proofs. This speed doesn’t compromise security. Instead, it leverages mathematical proofs over traditional socio-economic incentives, ensuring that transactions are not only swift but also secure.

According to the innovative minds at p0x labs, the decision is fueled by the undeniable advantages the Polygon CDK offers in terms of interoperability with Ethereum. “Polygon’s CDK sets standards in Layer 2 design and execution that, long term, OP Stack cannot meet,” remarked a representative from p0x labs.

Broader Interoperability: Another compelling reason for the switch is the broader interoperability that the Polygon CDK offers. Manta Pacific, with its transition, will be able to seamlessly interact with other chains crafted with Polygon’s CDK. This is made possible through a trustless ZK bridge to Ethereum, paving the way for atomic Layer 2-to-Layer 2 transactions. Such capabilities are expected to significantly expand liquidity options for decentralized applications (dapps) operating within Manta Pacific.

Reflecting on this evolution, Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal commented, “Manta Pacific is a unique hub of ZK-centered dapps and well-positioned to join an expanding Polygon ZK-powered Layer 2 ecosystem. The network effects are undeniable, meaning expanded access to unified blockspace.”

A new era for ZK dapp development

Manta Pacific’s overarching vision transcends merely transitioning to a new technological framework. The Layer 2 blockchain aims to pioneer and simplify the process of ZK dapp development. With its cutting-edge Universal Circuits library, developers working with Ethereum Solidity can effortlessly integrate ZK features into their privacy-centric DeFi and web3 applications.

The proof of this vision’s potential lies in Manta Pacific’s existing portfolio. The Layer 2 blockchain already supports a range of zero-knowledge-circuit-enabled applications, with notable examples including the on-chain game zkHoldEm and data verification protocols like zkMe and zkPass.

Highlighting the essence of this transition, p0x labs elucidated, “As core devs building ZK tech, it is pivotal to harmonize Manta Pacific’s premier ZK ecosystem with the myriad advantages of ZK infrastructure — and accomplishing this in the EVM-equivalent environment of the Polygon CDK ensures existing developer tools function seamlessly.”

Looking ahead: Manta Pacific’s future endeavors

This monumental transition marks just the beginning of Manta Pacific’s ambitious journey. The move to become a zkEVM validium is a precursor to its impending full mainnet launch. Stakeholders can anticipate more groundbreaking announcements in the coming weeks, including integration with Celestia’s data availability layer, aiming to minimize transaction costs.

As Manta Pacific embarks on this transformative journey, it’s evident that many Layer 2 blockchains recognize the potency of the Polygon CDK. Other platforms like Immutable zkEVM, IDEX, and Astar zkEVM are already leveraging its capabilities. Polygon Labs, not one to be left behind, proposed an upgrade of its flagship Polygon PoS sidechain to zkEVM validium earlier this year.

Highlighting the significance of this move, Nailwal clarified, “This means the data availability [for apps] will be with the validators, whereas the existing zkEVM rollups have data availability directly on Ethereum.”


In a rapidly evolving blockchain landscape, Manta Pacific’s strategic move to Polygon’s zkEVM Layer 2 technology signifies a commitment to innovation, efficiency, and enhanced user experience. Embracing the Polygon CDK not only paves the way for faster transaction finality and heightened security but also heralds a new era for ZK dapp development.

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