Kraken goes to Wall Street – Here is the full story

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  • Kraken, a major crypto exchange, is gearing up to launch trading services for U.S. stocks and ETFs by 2024 under “Kraken Securities.”
  • While apps like Robinhood offer both stock and crypto services, most crypto-only exchanges haven’t ventured into traditional stocks.
  • Kraken’s transition requires licensing from both U.S. and U.K. financial regulatory bodies, which they reportedly possess.

It’s no secret that the cryptocurrency world is full of drama, risks, and ventures. And it seems that Kraken, the famed crypto exchange, is no exception.

Going beyond the confines of the crypto realm, Kraken is now setting its sights on Wall Street. Yes, the hubbub is true: they’re diving headfirst into the world of traditional stocks and ETFs, marking a significant pivot from their cryptocurrency roots.

From Crypto to Stocks: Kraken’s New Horizon

Kraken, known predominantly for its cryptocurrency offerings, is expanding its horizons. Come 2024, the crypto exchange is set to roll out trading services not just for cryptocurrencies, but for U.S. stocks and ETFs as well.

This endeavor will come under the umbrella of Kraken Securities, their newly carved division designed to bridge the crypto and traditional finance worlds.

But it’s essential to tread with caution and a hint of skepticism. After all, while certain apps, like Robinhood, comfortably straddle the divide between stock and crypto trading, most digital asset exchanges have opted to remain exclusive to their crypto domain.

This move by Kraken, although audacious, isn’t a pioneering concept. We’ve seen this show before, with FTX US taking the curtain call after teasing the market with a stock trading platform announcement.

Regulatory Hurdles and Past Woes

Naturally, the entry into traditional trading isn’t without its labyrinth of regulations. Kraken needs the nod from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the U.K. financial watchdogs.

Fortunately for them, reports suggest they’ve already crossed that regulatory chasm. But don’t let the regulatory green lights fool you into thinking Kraken’s slate is squeaky clean.

Just a day before their ambitious Wall Street announcement, news broke out about Kraken bagging licenses in Spain and Ireland for its digital asset services. A positive note? Absolutely. However, the coin does have another side.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission is tailing Kraken with a civil suit, accusing them of neglecting design and distribution obligations related to their trading products.

Moreover, earlier this year, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission handed Kraken a costly bill, slapping them with penalties and demanding they discontinue certain services to U.S. customers.

Now, why am I highlighting these points? It’s simple: ambition is great, but history has its weight. As Kraken aims to diversify and dip its toes in Wall Street’s turbulent waters, understanding their past becomes crucial. It’s not about skepticism for the sake of it, but rather being well-informed about the playground and the players.

In the grand scheme of things, only time will reveal the wisdom behind Kraken’s audacious move. Will they successfully bridge the divide between traditional stock trading and cryptocurrencies, or will this venture be another misstep?

Wall Street isn’t just a physical location; it’s a global powerhouse representing the highs and lows of financial dreams. As Kraken prepares to join this rollercoaster, all we can do is watch, critique, and wait.

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