Korean Tech Titans Set to Dominate CES 2024 with AI Marvels


  • CES 2024 expects over 130,000 visitors, with Korean firms leading the charge with 700 exhibitors.
  • Samsung to unveil its AI vision globally, LG to present AI-powered smart homes, SK Group to showcase net-zero technologies, and Hyundai to focus on software-defined vehicles.
  • Kia introduces purpose-built electric and autonomous vehicles with innovative features, while HD Hyundai shifts from maritime to terrestrial innovation with its “Xite Transformation” vision.

In a triumphant return to normalcy, South Korean tech juggernauts are gearing up to seize the spotlight at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. This year’s Consumer Electronics Show, themed “All On,” promises a deep dive into the realm of artificial intelligence, exploring its applications across diverse industries. With over 3,500 companies from 150 countries set to participate, Korean firms are positioned as one of the key pillars, sending a formidable 700 companies to showcase their prowess.

Samsung – Defining “AI for all”

Underlining the Korean tech invasion is Samsung Electronics, unveiling its AI vision on a global stage. Vice Chairman Han Jong-hee will set the tone with a keynote on “AI for All: Connectivity in the Age of AI.” Samsung’s colossal 3,368 square meters exhibition space will unveil its SmartThings platform, demonstrating a hyperconnected user experience. The showcase will feature the latest in AI technology, from Neo QLED TVs and Galaxy Book 4 laptops to a futuristic kitchen ecosystem and a groundbreaking partnership with Tesla.

SK Group – Inspiring happiness with Net-Zero technologies

SK Group takes center stage with its seven affiliates jointly running a 1,850-square-meter pavilion, marking its largest presence at CES. Under the theme “Inspire Happiness,” SK Group presents a visionary blueprint for a net-zero world. From high-bandwidth memory chips and electric vehicle batteries to urban air mobility and small modular reactors, the conglomerate showcases a diverse range of net-zero technologies. Chairman Chey Tae-won personally attends, underscoring the group’s commitment to staying at the forefront of global AI trends.

LG – Reinventing the future with AI-powered technologies

LG Electronics charts its course towards the future with a keynote by CEO Cho Joo-wan under the theme “Reinvent Your Future.” The company’s vision extends beyond traditional home appliances as it transforms into a “smart life solutions provider.” From smart homes powered by AI to a two-legged miniature robot and an upgraded QNED TV lineup, LG aims to redefine consumer experiences. LG Innotek adds to the mix with an AI zone, showcasing semiconductor substrate products for large-scale data analysis and processing.

Hyundai Motor – Redefining mobility with software-defined vehicles

Hyundai Motor emerges as a game-changer at CES, focusing on three key areas: software-defined vehicles, hydrogen-powered sustainable mobility, and urban air mobility innovations. Executive Chair Chung Euisun leads the charge, unveiling a strategy to transition the entire fleet into software-defined vehicles by 2025. Hyundai’s commitment to hydrogen-powered solutions, exemplified by the Hydrogen Business Toolbox, and the futuristic urban air mobility showcased by Supernal, positions the automaker as a visionary force in the evolving landscape of mobility.

Kia – Pioneering purpose-built vehicles with easy swap technology

Kia takes a bold step into the future with purpose-built vehicles (PBVs), presenting five distinct models characterized by modular design and adaptability. These electric-powered and autonomous vehicles redefine traditional automotive approaches. Kia’s Easy Swap technology, allowing rapid transformation of vehicle functions, and the Dynamic Hybrid system, enabling tailored production, signal a paradigm shift in the automotive industry. The company’s investment in a new PBV plant reflects its commitment to mass production by the second half of 2025.

HD Hyundai – “Xite transformation” redefines land infrastructure construction

HD Hyundai, known for its maritime prowess, unveils its “Xite Transformation” vision at CES 2024. Shifting focus from maritime to terrestrial innovation, the company aims to address critical global issues like safety, supply chain construction, and climate change. Vice Chairman Chung Ki-sun outlines the strategy, emphasizing uncrewed and automated technologies in next-generation construction sites. HD Hyundai’s three interconnected themes – Future Xite, Twin Xite, and Zero Xite – promise a glimpse into the future of construction sites, driven by automation and uncrewed technologies.

The Korean tech epiphany – CES 2024’s finale marks a paradigm shift in global innovation

As Korean tech giants prepare to dominate CES 2024, one can’t help but marvel at the sheer magnitude of innovation on display. From AI-infused homes to purpose-built vehicles and transformative visions for land infrastructure, these firms are setting the stage for a tech-driven future. The question now lingers: How will the world respond to the Korean tech supremacy unveiled at CES, and what ripple effects will these innovations have across global industries?

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