Renowned author Robert Kiyosaki advocates close watch on Bitcoin halving


  • Robert Kiyosaki emphasizes Bitcoin’s long-term potential despite price fluctuations.
  • The Bitcoin halving event limits supply, historically boosting its price.
  • Kiyosaki advises diversification and side hustles for financial resilience.

Author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” Robert Kiyosaki, has advised his followers to closely monitor the impending Bitcoin halving event. 

Scheduled to occur in 2024, the Bitcoin halving involves a reduction in the reward for mining Bitcoin transactions, ultimately impacting the rate at which new bitcoins are generated.

Bitcoin halving draws attention

Renowned author and advocate for financial literacy, Robert Kiyosaki, has taken to social media to draw attention to the upcoming Bitcoin halving event. In a recent tweet, Kiyosaki encouraged his followers to pay heed to this significant development in the cryptocurrency world.

“A Bitcoin halving is fast approaching. Please pay attention to Bitcoin halving,” Kiyosaki emphasized in his tweet.

The Bitcoin halving, set to occur in 2024, is a crucial event in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It involves cutting the reward for miners in half, thereby reducing the rate at which new bitcoins are created. This event occurs approximately every four years, specifically after every 210,000 blocks have been mined.

Kiyosaki’s support for Bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki has been a vocal proponent of Bitcoin and its potential benefits. In a previous post last month, he hinted at the possibility of Bitcoin holders faring better than those who prefer traditional savings methods. He categorizes those who opt for conventional savings as “fake money savers.”

Kiyosaki’s confidence in Bitcoin’s long-term potential is evident in his investment approach. Rather than engaging in short-term trading, he encourages a commitment to holding Bitcoin over time. Even in the face of price fluctuations, he maintains a positive outlook, stating,

“If the price of Bitcoin drops further, I will be excited rather than nervous.”

Wealth preservation and diversification

In addition to his support for Bitcoin, Robert Kiyosaki consistently advocates diversifying investments as a safety net, particularly in light of warnings about a potential economic downturn in the United States.

Kiyosaki suggests that in times of financial crisis, protecting one’s capital can be achieved by acquiring assets such as gold, silver, and Bitcoin.

In an October tweet, he highlighted the importance of safeguarding wealth but also emphasized the significance of securing a source of income through a side hustle, especially in turbulent economic times.

Kiyosaki suggests that a side hustle could potentially evolve into a successful venture, akin to the rise of companies like Amazon or the prominence of Bitcoin itself.

The Significance of Bitcoin Halving

The Bitcoin halving event is a critical factor that influences the cryptocurrency’s supply and demand dynamics. By reducing the rate at which new bitcoins are created, the halving event effectively limits the supply of this digital asset. Historically, previous halving events have often been followed by significant increases in the price of Bitcoin.

As the halving event approaches, investors and enthusiasts closely monitor the cryptocurrency market, seeking to understand how this reduction in supply might impact Bitcoin’s price trajectory.

Robert Kiyosaki’s endorsement of Bitcoin and encouragement to pay attention to the halving event underscore the growing interest and anticipation surrounding this event within the cryptocurrency community.

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