Kenosha Residents Warned Against Bitcoin ATM Scams


  • Kenosha Police warn of a Bitcoin ATM scam where victims are deceived into transferring cryptocurrency to scammers.
  • Residents are advised to be vigilant and report suspicious activities, emphasizing the importance of personal awareness in preventing fraud.

Recently, the Kenosha Police Department has issued a stern warning to the local populace regarding an emerging scam involving Bitcoin ATMs. The new fraudulent scheme has already instigated two major investigations after residents fell victim to the deceptive tactics of these scammers. 

The authorities are now on high alert, urging the community to exercise caution and vigilance to avoid falling prey to these sophisticated scams.

The emergence of a new scamming technique

Scammers in Kenosha are employing innovative methods to swindle residents out of their valuable cryptocurrency assets. The con artists initiate their scheme by sending alarming messages to individuals, falsely informing them about a supposed compromise of their identity. Masquerading as saviors, these scammers offer to assist the victims in safeguarding their assets from the alleged threat. Victims are coerced into transferring their cryptocurrency to what the fraudsters call a “federal box,” under the pretense of protecting their bank accounts from being frozen due to the supposed identity compromise.

The scam does not end there. The victims are instructed to deposit their funds into a Bitcoin ATM, after which they receive a QR code on their electronic devices. Unbeknownst to them, scanning the QR code results in the immediate transfer of the purchased Bitcoin to the scammer’s wallet. The audacity of these criminals knows no bounds, as they further demand their victims to buy prepaid credit cards and send back the codes, deepening the financial loss of those ensnared in the deceitful trap.

Kenosha police department’s proactive measures

The Kenosha Police Department is deeply concerned about the potential rapid spread of the scam, especially considering the substantial number of Bitcoin ATMs in the area. In response, they have issued a warning to the public, emphasizing that legitimate government agencies would never solicit the purchase of items or demand money deposits to avert actions such as asset freezing.

Residents of the Wisconsin city are strongly advised to remain alert and skeptical of unsolicited communications demanding monetary transactions or personal information. The authorities urge anyone suspecting fraudulent activity to promptly reach out to friends, family, or the police, and to utilize a designated helpline specifically set up to handle such fraud cases.

Vigilance in the face of evolving scams

While the Kenosha Police are taking steps to combat the new form of scam, it’s a stark reminder of the ever-evolving landscape of fraud, especially in the realm of cryptocurrency. The anonymity and digital nature of cryptocurrencies make them an attractive target for scammers, who continuously devise new methods to exploit unsuspecting individuals.

Nationally, the United States authorities, including the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ), are tirelessly working to clamp down on such fraudulent activities. Recent enforcement actions have seen individuals like Brian Sewell and David Gilbert Saffron face charges for their involvement in deceptive schemes, highlighting the government’s commitment to protecting citizens from financial fraudsters.

Despite these efforts, the onus remains on individuals to stay informed and cautious. Users of cryptocurrency and digital platforms are advised to maintain a high level of scrutiny and to approach unsolicited offers or demands with skepticism. In the digital age, vigilance is not just a virtue but a necessity, especially when dealing with assets as volatile and valuable as cryptocurrencies. 


The Bitcoin ATM scam in Kenosha is a pressing reminder of the continuous evolution of financial fraud, particularly in the cryptocurrency sector. The response from the Kenosha Police and federal agencies like the SEC and DOJ underscores the seriousness of the threat. However, the critical responsibility lies with individuals to stay vigilant, well-informed, and proactive in reporting suspicious activities. In the digital age, personal vigilance and awareness are paramount in safeguarding against the sophisticated tactics of scammers.

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