How is Feedzai used to Detect Financial Fraud?


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The rise in financial scams is a significant concern, with a staggering $8.8 billion loss reported for 2022 alone. According to the United States Federal Trade Commission, losses due to financial fraud have seen a worrying 30% increase from 2021 to 2023. This highlights the darker side of technological progress, as scammers now employ generative artificial intelligence (AI) to create more intricate and convincing scams.

Reports indicate that scammers have developed chatbots that imitate human conversations, solicit personal financial information, generate malicious software, craft sophisticated phishing emails, and even replicate human voices. The convenience of instant digital banking payments also allows fraudsters to trick users into transferring money rapidly, leaving victims with little recourse to recover their funds.

In the ongoing battle against financial crime, risk management platforms like Feedzai play a crucial role. These platforms utilize advanced technology, including machine learning and big data analytics, to enhance security and combat the ever-evolving landscape of sophisticated financial scams.

Understanding Feedzai

Feedzai is a RiskOps platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide fraud prevention solutions to banks, retailers, and payment providers. This platform operates globally and focuses on safeguarding users from the risks associated with banking and e-commerce.

Founded in Portugal in 2011, Feedzai later moved its headquarters to California and expanded its services to 190 countries. Initially, it was established by its founders, Paulo Marques, Nuno Sebastião, and Pedro Bizarro, to offer fraud detection solutions and operational intelligence.

Today, Feedzai has transformed into a suite of AI-driven solutions primarily designed to detect fraud and combat financial crime. Its primary clientele comprises well-established financial institutions and banks such as Standard Chartered, Citibank, and Lloyds Banking Group.

What Are the Applications of Feedzai?

Feedzai is a versatile tool that plays a crucial role in addressing various threats and vulnerabilities in financial security. Here, we explore how Feedzai is utilized to tackle some of the most pressing challenges in the financial industry.

Combating Fake Account Creation for Enhanced Rewards

With the surge in digital transactions, especially for small and frequent purchases, the rewards for both merchants and consumers have seen a significant uptick. However, this growth has also allowed scammers and criminals to exploit the reward system.

Fraudsters are capitalizing on the transition to cashless transactions and the increasing gamification of rewards by creating bogus accounts and engaging in circular money transfers to claim rewards.

Feedzai specializes in scrutinizing network transactions conducted by account holders to uncover concealed fraudulent payment networks. This means they can identify deceptive patterns that may not be immediately apparent.

Identifying SIM Swaps

SIM swapping is a fraudulent activity in which criminals impersonate a phone number’s owner and manipulate a call center or branch employee into replacing the associated SIM card. They achieve this by providing the victim’s data to the carrier.

Criminals gather this data through hacks, breaches, or exploiting information users have shared on social media. They use this information to trick carriers into authorizing replacing the original SIM card with one they control. This results in all incoming calls and messages being diverted to the fraudsters.

Feedzai plays a vital role in combating such incidents by analyzing transactional data that can be employed to detect a SIM swap. For instance, when multiple transactions occur rapidly from various devices, Feedzai’s algorithms flag them as suspicious activities and notify the financial institution of a potential scam.

Limitations of Legacy Solutions

Financial institutions often rely on outdated point solutions that employ rule-based methods for fraud detection, but these solutions fall short of addressing the full spectrum of scams. Traditional strategies exhibit three key limitations:

Siloed Channels

Legacy solutions are confined to specific channels, making them susceptible to fraud schemes that span multiple banking products and payment platforms. This limited scope leaves vulnerabilities that need to be addressed.

Isolated Analysis

These solutions typically analyze financial activity, such as transactional data or behavioral activity, device and app usage patterns, biometrics, malware incidents, and network activity. However, they often need to consider both types of activity simultaneously, hampering the ability to identify ongoing scams swiftly.

Slow Adaptation

Legacy fraud protection measures struggle to keep up with evolving scam tactics. Machine learning bridges this gap by assimilating new data and providing real-time insights into customer behavior. Feedzai’s platform excels in rapidly detecting money laundering, financial fraud, and illegal activities by employing AI-driven strategies tailored to various payment mechanisms.

Feedzai: Enhancing Financial Security with RiskOps and Machine Learning

Feedzai is a cutting-edge RiskOps platform that harnesses the power of machine learning to bolster financial security. Let’s break down how it achieves this:

RiskOps Approach

Feedzai is built on the foundation of RiskOps, a methodology that operationalizes risk management through fair and customer-centric practices. This approach empowers financial institutions to effectively identify suspicious activities, spot fraudsters, and combat fraudulent actions.

Efficient Management

RiskOps aids financial institutions in efficiently managing identity data and fostering collaboration across multiple systems. This efficiency translates into superior and dependable services for customers.

Standardized Risk Management

Feedzai and similar RiskOps platforms offer financial institutions a standardized framework for more effective financial risk management. This standardization simplifies assessing abstract concepts like risk, enabling institutions to measure, analyze, and make informed decisions based on risk-related findings.

Machine Learning at the Core

Feedzai’s platform leverages machine learning to swiftly process events and transactions. It provides easily interpretable results through a human-readable semantic layer. This learning model processes data from various sources, creating detailed customer profiles that facilitate identifying fraudulent activities and potential victims.

Comprehensive Data Collection

Feedzai gathers data from diverse sources, including cross-channel, cross-product, and third-party data. This extensive data collection allows it to distinguish between genuine and fraudulent transactions and provides a holistic view of each customer’s interactions with the bank.

Real-Time Fraud Detection

The platform excels at rapidly detecting fraud in real-time across various payment types, such as cards, instant transfers, digital wallets, withdrawals, and deposits. It also offers production-ready APIs for different payment methods, enabling real-time transaction recommendations, including approvals or declines.

Feedzai’s integration of RiskOps principles and machine learning capabilities enhances the security of financial institutions by efficiently identifying and preventing fraudulent activities, ultimately safeguarding both customers and the institution itself.

Key Features of Feedzai for Fraud Prevention

Early Detection and Education

Feedzai’s early detection capabilities enable banks to spot digital signals, like behavioral biometrics and non-transactional patterns, that may indicate potential scam victims. This proactive approach allows banks to intervene and educate customers early in the risk lifecycle before any harm occurs. Detailed alerts provide specific indicators to guide more effective customer conversations.


Feedzai offers customization options, allowing banks to tailor rules and strategies to combat specific scam-related challenges. Rules can be modified in response to evolving fraudulent schemes. The platform can also adopt a regional approach, using parameters like bank codes, states, or product types, enabling institutions to develop targeted strategies when needed. This flexibility enhances the adaptability of fraud prevention measures.

Triage Behavior Alerts

Feedzai constantly monitors each customer’s behavior, rapidly identifying fraudulent activities. The Feedzai Case Manager allows quick action on alerts, streamlines processes, and organizes team workloads. Customized alerts can be directed to specific agent groups based on their training, role, and queue management. Dashboards and reporting categorize fraud types, facilitating detection and alert management.

Human-Centered AI

Feedzai prioritizes customers through multidimensional data and AI. It creates precise risk profiles based on individual behaviors, making it easier for banks to identify changes and prevent financial crimes while ensuring a positive customer experience. This approach reduces unfair classification and customer inconveniences.

Comprehensive RiskOps Architecture

Feedzai operates in real time, providing a centralized hub for data management. This architecture allows financial institutions to detect emerging fraud threats, adapt to new business requirements, and analyze user experiences and operational performance. By using Feedzai, banks can stay ahead of evolving trends in fraud prevention.

Inbound Payment Monitoring

To scam someone successfully, scammers need to control the destination account. With Feedzai, banks can monitor incoming and outgoing payments, increasing their chances of preventing scams. This comprehensive monitoring enhances fraud prevention measures.

Advantages of Feedzai

Effective Fraud Detection and Prevention: Feedzai’s advanced machine learning algorithms excel at identifying fraudulent transactions and activities in real time. This proactive approach helps financial institutions and businesses thwart fraud before it causes significant losses.

Customizable Risk Management: Feedzai’s platform is highly customizable, allowing organizations to define their rules and thresholds for fraud detection. This flexibility ensures the system aligns with business needs and risk tolerance levels.

Cross-Channel Protection: Feedzai offers comprehensive cross-channel fraud detection, safeguarding transactions across various channels, including online, mobile, and in-store. This holistic approach ensures that fraudulent activities are identified, regardless of where they occur.

Behavioral Analysis: Beyond transactional data, Feedzai incorporates behavioral analysis to assess user behavior, device patterns, and contextual information. This multi-dimensional analysis enhances fraud detection accuracy, reducing false positives and negatives.

Real-Time Monitoring and Response: Feedzai’s real-time monitoring allows organizations to respond swiftly to potential threats. By assessing the risk of transactions as they happen, the system can trigger immediate actions to prevent fraudulent transactions from being completed.

Disadvantages of Feedzai

Complex Implementation: Feedzai’s robust features and customization options can lead to a complex implementation process. Organizations may require dedicated resources and time to integrate the platform effectively into their existing systems, potentially causing disruptions during the transition.

High Costs: While Feedzai’s capabilities are impressive, the comprehensive features and real-time monitoring come at a cost. Smaller businesses or organizations with limited budgets may find the pricing prohibitive, making it less accessible.

False Positives: Like many fraud detection systems, Feedzai may occasionally generate false positives, flagging legitimate transactions as fraudulent. This can result in customer inconvenience, additional manual reviews, and potential loss of revenue for businesses.

Dependence on Data Quality: The effectiveness of Feedzai’s machine-learning algorithms relies heavily on the quality and quantity of data available. If an organization’s data is incomplete, outdated, or inaccurate, it can impact the system’s ability to detect fraud accurately.

Resource Intensive: Implementing and managing Feedzai effectively requires a dedicated team of skilled professionals who understand the platform and can fine-tune its settings. This resource-intensive approach may be challenging for smaller organizations with limited personnel.

It’s important to note that while Feedzai offers robust fraud detection and prevention capabilities, organizations should carefully assess their specific needs, budget, and resources before adopting the platform. Addressing these potential disadvantages through thorough planning and effective integration can help maximize the benefits of using Feedzai while mitigating its drawbacks.


Feedzai stands as a formidable player in the realm of fraud prevention and risk management. Its suite of features and capabilities is designed to empower financial institutions in the fight against evolving threats. With its comprehensive RiskOps architecture, early detection tools, human-centered AI, inbound payment monitoring, behavior alerts triage, and customization options, Feedzai offers a robust solution for safeguarding customers and businesses.

Feedzai’s proactive approach to fraud prevention identifies potential scams and allows for early intervention and customer education. Focusing on individual behaviors and reducing false positives ensures a smoother and more secure financial experience for users.

The platform’s ability to monitor incoming and outgoing payments and real-time alert management strengthens its position as a valuable asset in the fight against financial crime. Furthermore, its customization options enable institutions to adapt quickly to new threats and tailor strategies to specific challenges.

In a digital landscape where scams and frauds continue to evolve, Feedzai is a crucial ally for financial institutions seeking to protect their customers and assets. Its impact extends beyond fraud detection; it fosters trust, compliance, and operational excellence, ultimately contributing to a safer and more reliable financial ecosystem.


What is Feedzai?

Feedzai is a fraud prevention and risk management platform that uses advanced AI and machine learning to protect financial institutions, retailers, and payment providers from scams and fraudulent activities.

How does Feedzai detect fraud?

Feedzai employs machine learning algorithms to analyze transaction data, behavioral patterns, and other signals in real time, allowing it to identify and prevent potential fraud before it occurs.

Who uses Feedzai's services?

Feedzai's primary clients are financial institutions, banks, retailers, and payment providers, including major names like Citibank, Standard Chartered, and Lloyds Banking Group.

What sets Feedzai apart from other fraud prevention solutions?

Feedzai offers a comprehensive RiskOps architecture, early detection capabilities, human-centered AI, inbound payment monitoring, and customizable rules, making it a versatile and effective tool in the fight against financial fraud.

How does Feedzai contribute to a safer financial ecosystem?

Feedzai detects and prevents fraud and fosters customer trust, compliance with regulations, and operational excellence, ultimately creating a more secure and reliable financial environment.

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