John McAfee Admits His Cryptocurrency Fortune is Gone but He Regrets Nothing


TL:DR Breakdown

  • McAfee says he has no cryptocurrency.
  • He also says that the allegations against them are exaggerated.

John McAfee who is currently detained in Spain after being charged with tax evasion said that he has been left with no regrets despite dismissal of his crypto fortune. The computer programmer posted in his recent tweet saying that the US thinks that he has hidden some digital assets, which is not the case. The former (CEO) of software company McAfee disclosed that he has not invested anything in the digital assets.

People are very sorry to the millionaire, in the comment session they wished him all the best. realcryptojo replied asking John what he can offer, as he was there sometime back and he knows what John McAfee is going through.

McAfee: I Have Nothing

The $4 million worth millionaire, posted a tweet saying that he has been left with nothing. The millionaire  is a polarizing figure that is not easily noticed. It’s not really a surprise that he has sold the rights to his life-story documentary. John has made quite a mark in the virtual currency market, which has come to haunt lately.

The situation escalated early this year following charges against the former CEO of McAfee and his executive advisor Jimmy Watson jr, on tax evasion from the US Department of Justice. The authorities alleged both with several different conspiracies to commit frauds for blatant “pump and dump” schemes and even money laundering.

John said that those allegations were exaggerated. He added that he had none of the money left. He has restated the same in his recent tweet. Indicating that the funds have been dissolved by many hands of Team McAfee. 

Moreover his remaining property is in the hands of the government, even after knowing that he has nothing, John has admitted that he has no worries.

McAfee Responds: Allegations Are Overblown

‘The Coin of the week’ campaign allowed John  McAfee to post about any virtual currency. As he is a very influential cryptocurrency personnel, whenever he posts about a particular coin, buyers flood to purchase hence the surging prices. John McAfee has more than a million followers on his twitter account.

However, John McAfee who is currently detained in Spain, believes the tokens did not depreciate because of an alleged scheme, instead, he blamed it for the 2018 bearish market.

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