Innovative AI Software from Synaptiq Revolutionizes Cancer Treatment Planning


  • Mediq AI software by Synaptiq cuts cancer treatment planning time, improving patient care.
  • Synaptiq aims to certify Mediq soon for global use, leveraging its top algorithms.
  • Mediq streamlines cancer treatment, offering hope for better outcomes worldwide.

Synaptiq, a pioneering software development company based in Cluj-Napoca, has unleashed a groundbreaking tool poised to transform cancer treatment. Named Mediq, this artificial intelligence (AI) software is currently undergoing testing in 12 Romanian clinics, promising to significantly enhance the efficiency of radiation oncologists’ workflows.

Enhanced efficiency and precision in cancer treatment planning

Mediq, the brainchild of Synaptiq’s expert team, aims to streamline the laborious process of contouring target volumes and organs at risk during cancer treatment planning. With traditional methods demanding an average of two hours for this task, Mediq slashes the time required to less than a minute, marking a revolutionary leap forward in efficiency.

Lucian Bicsi, Chief Technology Officer at Synaptic, highlights the remarkable progress achieved with Mediq. By leveraging high-performance algorithms trained on over 140 anatomical structures, doctors can swiftly navigate treatment planning, allowing for more personalized patient care. Moreover, the user-friendly interface facilitates seamless collaboration among medical professionals, ensuring secure and confidential handling of patient data.

Radiation oncologist Remus Stoica, a consultant to the Synaptiq team, attests to the profound impact of Mediq on clinical practice. He notes a substantial reduction in treatment planning time, freeing up invaluable hours for direct patient interaction. Furthermore, the software’s exceptional accuracy in delineating organs at risk translates into safer and more effective treatment regimens, minimizing potential toxicity for patients undergoing therapy.

Synaptiq CEO Dragoș Dușe asserts the competitive prowess of the company’s AI algorithms, ranking among the top performers globally. Despite resource constraints, Synaptiq has surpassed established medical device manufacturers’ accuracy and efficacy, marking a significant milestone in integrating AI into healthcare.

Certification milestone on the horizon

While Mediq demonstrates remarkable promise, Synaptiq acknowledges the need for certification and CE marking to facilitate widespread adoption. The company is diligently working towards obtaining European approval, with significant progress already achieved through rigorous clinical trials and meticulous documentation efforts. Anticipation mounts as Synaptiq aims to complete this crucial milestone within the next six months.

Against the backdrop of a burgeoning global cancer epidemic, Mediq’s emergence offers a beacon of hope for millions worldwide. With an estimated 20 million new cancer cases reported annually and projections indicating a 60% increase over the next two decades, innovative solutions like Mediq are indispensable in combating this growing health crisis. In Romania alone, where new cancer cases are projected to rise by 21% in 2023, Mediq holds the potential to significantly alleviate the burden on healthcare systems and improve patient outcomes.

Synaptiq’s vision and expertise

Founded in 2020 by visionary entrepreneurs Dragoș Dușe, Roxana Săbău, Diana Andrițchi, and Lucian Bicsi, Synaptiq represents a convergence of technical prowess and medical expertise. With a diverse team comprising engineers, business specialists, and radiation oncologists from prestigious universities worldwide, Synaptiq is poised to spearhead innovation in cancer treatment globally.

As Synaptiq continues to forge ahead in its mission to revolutionize cancer treatment, the introduction of Mediq stands as a testament to the transformative potential of AI in healthcare. With its unparalleled efficiency, precision, and user-centric design, Mediq promises to redefine the standard of care for cancer patients worldwide, heralding a new era in oncological treatment planning.

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