How ICP’s AstroX ME Enhances Interoperability with the Ethereum Ecosystem

Numerous cryptocurrency wallets exist only as browser-only plugins, which lack compatibility with the demands of modern mobile lifestyles. However, requiring users to be stationed at a computer, and installing a specific browser to access a wallet, would introduce significant inconvenience. In addition, the evolution of wallets is inevitably geared toward widespread adoption, necessitating a user experience that rivals or even surpasses that of Web2 products.

Furthermore, intelligent wallets should harness cryptographic methods to establish the credibility of transactions on blockchain networks. AstroX ME envisions a redefinition of wallets, emphasizing security and transactional ease.

The AstroX ME wallet represents a multi-chain smart wallet fortified by cutting-edge cryptography, delivering a seamless interactive encounter reminiscent of Web2 applications. 

The ME wallet employs biometric technologies such as fingerprints and facial recognition, departing from conventional private key management. This innovative approach facilitates wallet restoration on new devices without using seed phrases. The wallet extends its support to numerous chains and a variety of cryptocurrencies.

How does the AstroX ME wallet work?

Drawing from the conceptual comprehension of identity and wallets, the AstroX ME wallet has been meticulously designed to distinguish between the concepts. Users will initially establish a decentralized identity using the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) and then utilize the associated wallet. Here’s a video on how to use Åstrox ME.

AstroX Me Wallet Mobile App Interface

This approach carries two significant implications:

Primarily, users only need to recall their identity to oversee all the associated data, akin to how registering for a Google account permits access to numerous applications and services.

Second, users can oversee their wallets using a singular identity (username), enabling fluid asset transfers within wallets. Upon logging into a third-party DApp using a username, users can seamlessly switch between wallets, emulating the payment experience in our day-to-day lives. In essence, the essential data of all DApps, including account levels and operational records, are exclusively linked to the identity (username), enabling users to conveniently switch wallets for various transactions.

Once the user creates their AstroX ME wallet they can receive and send tokens of ICP, EXT, ICRC-1, DIP20, XTC, Origyn, and DRC20 standards and collectibles of EXT, DIP721, Origyn, GIGA, ICPunks, CCC, C3, Departure Labs, and IC Naming Standards. All they need to do is click on “Manage Token” to enable their token of choice from the available token list.

ICP Token Wallet Interface

Manage Token Interface

Serving as the conduit between users and DApps, the AstroX ME wallet introduces innovation in its authorization mechanism design, presenting three distinct authorization login modes with varying privacy levels: 

  • Ordinary
  • Pseudonymous
  • Anonymous

This empowers users to determine whether third-party DApps can track behavioral data within or across applications.

AstroX ME leverages the ECDSA Threshold Signature of Dfinity, an L1 public chain, for signature completion. Notably, this signature process necessitates no intermediary servers for verification, relying on the Dfinity blockchain’s consensus mechanism for security and efficiency.

The Threshold ECDSA, an advancement over ECDSA technology, incorporates support for BIP 32-derived standards. This widely utilized ECDSA signature in the blockchain industry empowers smart wallets with ECDSA public keys for transaction signing. Through Threshold ECDSA, wallets can hold BTC and ETH while executing transactions. Collaboration among nodes in creating Threshold ECDSA signatures enables key sharing, ensuring signature completion even if a portion of nodes face issues.

The dynamically evolving Threshold ECDSA, regularly updated to mitigate the risk of secret leakage, remains operational even if 1/3 of the nodes experience disruptions, attesting to its reliability.

AstroX ME adopts an account abstraction mechanism with smart contracts executed in a WebAssembly container, with permissions verified in the protocol stack. User account ownership resides within user-bound devices, each of which functions as a hardware wallet. Users enjoy the flexibility to add or remove devices at their discretion.

In contrast to numerous smart contract wallets relying on Solidity compiled EVM, which demands pre-unlocking of contracts and can be hampered by network congestion and L1 limitations, AstroX ME employs the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) high-performance protocol. Boasting a block speed of 30 blocks per second and 2-second finality, it aligns with Harmony’s performance standards.

By scripting smart contracts in a WebAssembly-supported language, ME facilitates intricate custom logic and contract upgrades, offering ample room for addressing diverse user requirements.

Key AstroX wallet features

AstroX is committed to crafting the ME wallet with an array of robust features, designed to enhance user convenience, security, and accessibility across various devices and platforms. The ME wallet encompasses the following attributes:

User-friendly ID registration and login

AstroX prioritizes ease of use by enabling users to effortlessly register and log in using a memorable ID. This streamlines the onboarding process, eliminating the need for convoluted login procedures.

Seamless multi-device binding

In a departure from traditional practices that rely on seed phrases, the ME wallet introduces a secure multi-device binding mechanism. This empowers users to associate their wallets with diverse devices, spanning desktop computers and smartphones, without the need for cumbersome seed phrases.

Enhanced security via biometric authentication

AstroX recognizes the significance of biometric security measures. By allowing users to log in with devices featuring biometric capabilities, such as fingerprint and facial recognition, the ME wallet ensures an extra layer of robust security.

Integration with Ethereum wallets like Metamask

The ME wallet extends its interoperability by facilitating seamless login with Ethereum wallets like Metamask. This enables users to access their Ethereum assets without friction, enhancing the wallet’s versatility.

Mobile client compatibility

AstroX caters to a diverse user base by offering ME wallet support for both iOS and Android devices. This cross-platform accessibility ensures users can manage their assets conveniently, regardless of their preferred mobile operating system.

Multi-blockchain and coin support

The ME wallet exemplifies AstroX’s commitment to inclusivity by accommodating multiple blockchains, including Harmony and various other EVM-compatible chains. It extends its utility by supporting a wide range of mainstream coins such as BTC, ETH, ONE, and ICP, among others.

Support multiple standards of collectibles

AstroX Me wallet supports a wide range of collectibles including EXT, DIP, CCC, and GIGA.

Third-party DApp integration

AstroX acknowledges the significance of decentralized applications (DApps) in the blockchain ecosystem. The ME wallet stands as a gateway to third-party DApps, encompassing both Web DApps and MiniDApps. This openness fosters a rich and interactive user experience.

Flexible authorization models

Privacy protection remains paramount for AstroX. To this end, the ME wallet facilitates authorization models with varying levels of privacy protection. Users retain control over how much information they share with third-party DApps, ensuring a tailored and secure engagement.

Social recovery and multi-signature logic

AstroX demonstrates its commitment to user recovery mechanisms by implementing social recovery features. Additionally, the ME wallet tackles complex business scenarios by incorporating multi-signature capabilities, catering to advanced use cases while upholding security standards.


The AstroX ME wallet emerges as a comprehensive solution that seamlessly blends convenience, security, and versatility. 

With its user-friendly design, multi-device compatibility, robust security measures, and support for various blockchains and DApps, AstroX’s ME wallet stands at the forefront of innovation, ushering in a new era of accessible and secure cryptocurrency management.

Ready to supercharge your DeFi experience? Download the AstroX Me wallet now and unlock a world of possibilities!

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Don’t miss out on the convenience, features, and fun that AstroX Me wallet brings to your fingertips.

What cryptocurrencies are accepted on AstroX Me wallet?

AstroX Me wallet supports ERC-20 tokens of Ethereum and EVM as well as multiple token and collectible standards on ICP, such as ICRC-1, EXT, DIP, CCC, and GIGA.

Do you require a private key to restore your AstroX ME wallet?

The AstroX ME wallet majors on using biometric technologies including fingerprints and facial recognition instead of existing wallet’s private key management methods enabling users to creatively restore wallets on new devices without seed phrases.

How do I register and log in to the AstroX ME wallet?

To register and log in, users create an easy-to-remember internet ID using the ICP blockchain. This eliminates the need for complex seed phrases and streamlines the authentication process. Users can then securely bind multiple devices, including desktop computers and smartphones, to their wallets.

Can I use the AstroX ME wallet on my mobile device?

Yes, the AstroX ME wallet offers a mobile wallet version that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. This ensures users can manage their assets conveniently while on the go.

Can I use the AstroX ME wallet with Ethereum wallets like Metamask?

Yes, the AstroX ME wallet allows users to log in with Ethereum wallets like Metamask, enhancing its interoperability with the Ethereum ecosystem.

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