How are UK consumers doing in the face of this “stable” economy?


  • UK consumers’ confidence in personal finances is at its highest since 2021, hitting a positive 2 in March.
  • Overall consumer confidence remains low at minus 21, reflecting continued caution about the economy.
  • While personal finance optimism rises, broader economic outlook is still bleak, with a slight improvement in future expectations but a negative view of the past year’s economy.

Amid the rollercoaster ride that is the UK’s economy, whispers and shouts about its stability—or the lack thereof—are everywhere. Yet, here we stand, taking a deep dive into how the average citizens are faring. Recent findings by researchers at GfK throw a bit of light, though a kind of flickering one, on the state of UK consumers’ confidence, especially regarding their wallets. It seems that after a few years, people are finally feeling a tad more optimistic about their financial future.

GfK’s numbers show an uptick to a positive 2 in March, a breath of fresh air considering this figure hasn’t peeked above zero since the tail end of 2021. That’s right. For the first time in over a year, people are not entirely pessimistic about their financial prospects. But before we pop the champagne and dance on the tables, let’s not forget that the overall consumer confidence index is hanging out at a chilly minus 21. So, while personal finance confidence might be on a slight upswing, the general outlook remains guarded.

Unpacking the Numbers

The intriguing part is the duality of the UK consumer’s psyche. On one hand, there’s this cautious optimism about personal finance, something GfK’s Joe Staton points out as a glimmer of hope in a rather gloomy narrative. But then, overall confidence is as flat as yesterday’s soda, unmoved and unshaken from February’s minus 21 stance. This juxtaposition shows a population tentatively hopeful about their immediate financial future yet apprehensive about the economy in general.

Further into the survey, we find that while people are slightly less bearish about the economy’s future, downgrading their view of the past year’s economic achievements by two points to a -45. It’s as if the UK’s recent economic history has been given a thumbs down, no thanks to the inflation that’s been way too stubborn.

Then there’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, waving the flag of mildly improved inflation figures like a beacon of hope, hinting that his economic strategy might just be the light at the end of the tunnel. With inflation taking a slight dip to 3.4%, the lowest since 2021, and rent skyrocketing by 9%, you’ve got to wonder if this is the stability UK was promised or whether these guys even know what they’re doing for real.

A Mixed Bag of Economic Signals

Meanwhile, business activity continues to expand, with very little enthusiasm. S&P’s PMI index for March shows a private sector still in growth mode, yet the service industry’s momentum is slowing down, pointing to the pressure on disposable incomes.

Then there’s the manufacturing industry, playing its own game of ‘will it, won’t it’ with growth, hitting a near two-year high but still not quite there. This slight rebound is thanks to restocking orders, alongside a fourth consecutive month of increased business in both services and manufacturing.

Inflation, however, remains the uninvited guest at the party, with input prices for businesses soaring, leading to cautious hiring strategies, especially in the services industry. This inflationary pressure, coupled with stagnating private sector employment in March, adds another confusion to the narrative of a “stable” UK economy.

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