Hong Kong central bank flags e-HKD investment scams


  • The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has warned the public about fraudulent organizations falsely claiming to be associated with its e-HKD pilot projects.
  • Official participants in the e-HKD program, including Alipay Financial Services and Bank of China (Hong Kong), will not seek public funding or offer related investment products.
  • The HKMA has commenced the second phase of the e-HKD pilot, focusing on advanced features like programmability.


The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has issued a public warning about certain organizations. These groups falsely claim an association with its e-HKD pilot projects. The central bank’s advisory highlights concerns as Hong Kong evaluates the potential of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) through various trial projects. The misleading entities have reportedly promoted investment products. They claim to be selected participants in the digital currency trial, attempting to attract investments under pretenses.

To counteract misinformation, the HKMA has published a list of official participants in the pilot program. Notable entities include Alipay Financial Services, Bank of China (Hong Kong), China Construction Bank, and the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. The central bank emphasizes that legitimate participants in the e-HKD program will not solicit public funding or offer related investment products. It has also notified the Hong Kong Police Force of the fraudulent activities, urging the public to report any suspicions to law enforcement authorities.

Enhanced vigilance and phase two of the e-HKD pilot program

The HKMA’s initiative extends beyond cautionary measures. It has embarked on the second phase of the e-HKD pilot program, aimed at exploring advanced features of digital currency. The first phase concentrated on testing e-HKD for domestic retail applications, including programmable payments, tokenized assets settlement, and offline transactions. The ongoing second phase focuses on exploring programmability, tokenization, and atomic settlement technologies. These ensure transactions are executed fully or not at all, enhancing the reliability and security of digital transactions.

Organizations interested in contributing to the e-HKD’s development have an opportunity to apply for participation until May 17. This phase is set to run until mid-2025, reflecting the HKMA’s commitment to a thorough evaluation of CBDC capabilities. Additionally, the HKMA has initiated a sandbox program for stablecoin issuers. This program aims to offer a controlled environment for potential issuers to test and explore stablecoin projects, minimizing risks associated with new financial technologies.

Hong Kong advances secure e-HKD adoption

The HKMA’s warnings and the launch of the second pilot phase signify a proactive stance toward protecting public interests. By clarifying the official status of participants and outlining the structured progression of the e-HKD trials, the authority seeks to foster an environment of trust and transparency. The engagement with law enforcement underscores a serious approach to safeguarding against fraudulent schemes that could undermine confidence in digital currency initiatives.

Public awareness and education are critical as Hong Kong navigates the complexities of introducing a CBDC. By encouraging reports of suspicious activities and providing clear, accurate information, the HKMA aims to build a secure and inclusive financial ecosystem. The strategic implementation of phases in the e-HKD pilot, accompanied by robust regulatory measures, illustrates Hong Kong’s systematic approach to digital currency adoption. This approach not only prioritizes security and efficiency but also ensures that innovations in the financial sector align with the best interests of consumers and the broader economic landscape.

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