Helldivers 2 Player Shares Invaluable Anti-Materiel Rifle Tips for Battling Automatons

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  • Anti-Materiel Rifle: The destiny of the universe is redefined (titan vs giant). “It is close to everything. Almost as though your (sense of) self evaporates into the air”,
  • Obtain Ammo backpack to use unlimited ammo, destroys everything but reloading. The main aim should be the blasts with maximum intensity to prevent running of enemies.
  • On the list of weapons, look for the guide with the proper settings. Without doubt, the proper set of equipment that defines operation domain against changing automation threats is a decisive factor.


The world of Helldivers 2, after the microscopic organisms known as Automatons turned devastating, is now found in ruins. As a result, the battlefield has become more dreadful. As soon as the players were about to be decorated, the robot robots took revenge on the slime bots in a brutal way, killing much more than they had ever lost before.

The versatile Anti-Materiel Rifle

As per U/Reven501, the Anti-Materiel Rifle is an asset that will boost the squad because it is capable of clearing Materiel’s most known Automatons: For instance, nimble stride, mighty Hulk and bulky tank.

Further, it touches almost everything bots can do to you. – R/enev501. “Strider problem solved! Two headshots. The devastator problem is resolved! One headshot. The main point is that you should try to recall the fact that you work with a human being who is capable to suffer and fail.

The functions of the Anti-Material Rifles as such are not only about the defeat of material targets. The final instructor, “tank or gun turret problem guy,” (U/Reven501) says,: The lump lodged in the throat? It won’t take much to seal the deal! BOOM! It’s over just 3 shots in the ducts, and your problem’s gone! Gunships. The only parts of the rockets are just those four pieces, and they come back to the ground only after a short journey through the air. on my knees crooked with the explosive sound of my Big Red one-eye gun, head straight.

Complementary stratagems and versatility

Whereas MG Anti-Materiel Rifle deals well with Automatons, the Reven501 User Manual expresses doubts, advising using Eagles for interception Dropship and assembly factory. Moreover, people thumped about its overwhelming efficacy in fighting apart other dangerous intruders Terminids.

Copperript also said, ” I love using the anti-material rifle, but it is the laser cannon now which I use always as well”. However, they had struggled with waves of gunships, and I think with enough practice, that is what

With this pointed mission, Akimbo – -Battle Fish contributed to demystifying the reputation of the rifle as one of the top gun units for bugs and bots. On the verge of the Ceres Colony uprising, it was sought after as the main weapon among players alongside the formidable Quasar Cannon that slays most foes below a Charger size thus earning the gun a nickname of being

The Ammo Back Pack is designed to achieve the most efficiency when playing the game.

To truly unleash the Anti-Materiel Rifle’s full potential, U/Reasonable_Back_5231 offered a valuable tip: open a path using the Vanishing Ammo Back Pack Strategy. (one might also use the tactic of the ever-changing Ammo Back Pack). This ammunition supply duo allows you to shoot millions of bullets if, and only if, the reload time of your rifle is not a constraint for you.

“If you like the AMR, please also bring along the ammo backpack strategy with you.” U/Kind_Thrilling_6396. “What is holding you back the only thing is the next loading of your AMR at that point, your ammo is just as infinite, and if you aren’t you may be one-shot by something, you must contain much more extra stims.”

Crafting the perfect loadout

The game offers a great deal of those Stratagems, each one with its particular advantage and range of use. Giving a choice for diverse playing styles and mission goals may make individual players’ decisions about loadout rather difficult.

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