Hashflow Price Prediction 2023-2032: Is HFT a Good Investment?

Hashflow Price Prediction 2023 -2032

The Hashflow platform has gained popularity among crypto traders and investors due to its low fees, fast transaction times, and advanced trading and investment features. Since its inception in August 2021, Hashflow has cleared $10B+ in total trade volume with over 170K unique wallets trading on the platform, making it a top 10 DEX by volume with an average daily volume of $25-30MM.

Hashflow is a decentralized exchange (DEXs) that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies without the need for a centralized exchange. The platform uses an innovative architecture that leverages blockchain technology and smart contracts to ensure the security and transparency of all transactions. We have placed together this Hashflow Price Prediction as a guide to both beginner and veteran investors.

Hashflow’s RFQ model allows Market Makers to price any asset class and is no longer limited to stable coins or blue-chip assets. This means Hashflow can offer seamless trading of products (i.e. options, ETFs) that were previously impossible in DeFi. So, that’s quite interesting.

As with the future price of any cryptocurrency, the future price of Hashflow (HASH) is subject to fluctuations based on a variety of factors, including historical, price movements, market demand, future crypto market and market analysis, investor and crypto industry sentiment, and future regulatory changes. Let’s dive in and find out whether HFT is a good investment option.

How much is HFT Worth?

Today’s Hashflow price today is $0.544089 with a 24-hour trading volume of $21,727,430. Hashflow is down 3.34% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #252, with a live market cap of $105,967,218. It has a circulating supply of 194,760,944 HFT coins and the max. supply is not available.

The price of Hashflow has fallen by 5.72% in the past 7 days. The price declined by 3.25% in the last 24 hours. In just the past hour, the price shrunk by 0.11%. The current price is $0.55 per HFT. Hashflow is 78.21% below the all-time high of $2.51.

What is Hashflow?

image 133

Hashflow is a decentralized exchange that provides users with features such as minimal latency, MEV protection for transactions, and no slippage in the Hashflow price, cost, and prices. With a compatible wallet, users can instantly buy and sell assets from any blockchain. Hashflow is committed to providing the most value to its users with every exchange, thanks to its zero-commission policy and its promise to always honor the quoted Hashflow price today.

Hashflow is committed to providing the most value to its users with every exchange, thanks to its zero-commission policy and its promise to always honor the quoted Hashflow price.

Since its debut in August 2021, Hashflow has emerged as a top 10 DEX by volume, with an average daily volume of $25-30 million. It has also cleared over $10 billion in total trade volume and has been used by more than 170K unique wallets.

Hashflow’s popularity can be attributed to its user-friendly interface and its commitment to providing investors with the best user experience possible, for many traders.

Founding Team

Varun Kumar Founder & CEO Varun previously worked as an aerospace engineer for the German Aerospace Center, Udacity, and NASA. He deferred his Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford University.

Victor Ionescu Co-Founder & CTO Victor previously worked at Airbnb, Facebook, and Google, having led large-scale infrastructure projects and managed cross-functional teams. He earned his B.S. in Computer Science & Mathematics from Oxford.

Vinod Raghavan Co-Founder & COO Vinod began his career at Booz Allen Hamilton. Since then, he has held roles with and consulted on C-suite strategic issues for firms such as Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Counsyl, and a16z. He is a graduate of Columbia University and Columbia Business School.

Hashflow closed its Series A funding round in July 2022, raising $25 million from Jump Crypto, Wintermute Trading, Electric Capital, Dragonfly Capital Partners and Balaji Srinivasan. Other investors include Coinbase Ventures, Kraken Ventures, LedgerPrime, GSR, Kronos Research, Altonomy, Meltem Demirors, Anthony Sassano and Jason Choi.

Hashflow Tokenomics

The HFT token is the protocol’s governance token with a total supply of 1 billion HFT. The token allocation is as follows:

  • 19.32% – core team (four-year vesting)
  • 25% – early investors (four-year vesting)
  • 2.5% – future hires (four-year vesting)
  • 53.18% – ecosystem development
    • 18.54% to ecosystem partners
    • 13.08% to community rewards (NFTs + rake the rewards + exchange distribution)
    • 9.54% for future community rewards
    • 7.50% to designated market maker loans
    • 2.52% to vendors and early service providers
    • 1.00% to the community treasury
    • 1.00% for Hashverse rewards

How does Hashflow work?

Hashflow enables quick cross-chain asset swaps with protection against both slippage and MEV exploits. It uses a hybrid on/off-chain RFQ engine to fetch guaranteed quotes and closing prices, from crypto market top makers who manage on-chain pools.

Trades are protected from front-running or arbitrage by MEV bots. Additionally, Hashflow protects against slippage due to cross-chain MEV by ensuring the price offered to users remains unchanged during the trade.

Where to buy Hashflow

To purchase Hashflow, there are various centralized exchanges that accept both fiat and cryptocurrency as payment options. These exchanges include Binance, Coinbase Exchange, KuCoin, Kraken, Gate.io, Bybit, Poloniex, Bitget, Bitmart, LBank, MEXC, and Bitget.

You can simply head over to any of these exchanges and actively buy or sell Hashflow, using the payment option of your choice, whether it’s through fiat currency or cryptocurrency.

How to purchase Hashflow on Coinbase

  • Open a Coinbase account if you have none.
  • To get started, enter your email address on the website. Choose an email address that is both accessible and secure, as it will be used to manage your cryptocurrencies.
  • Log in with your account details.
  • Then add a payment method (funding) to your account. You can use a bank account, debit card or initiate a wire.
  • On Coinbase.com, you can select Buy and Sell from the menu to access the feature. If you’re using the Coinbase mobile app, tap the plus sign icon on the Home tab to buy cryptocurrencies.
  • To open the purchase screen for Hashflow (HF), select it from the list on the buy panel and tap on it.
  • To buy Hashflow, input the desired amount using the number pad on the purchase screen. Enter the amount you want to spend in your local currency, and the app will automatically convert it into the corresponding amount of Hashflow.
  • When you’re ready to complete your purchase of Hashflow, select “Preview buy” to review the details of your transaction. Double-check that everything looks correct, then confirm your purchase by clicking “Buy now.”
  • After your order is processed, you’ll be directed to the confirmation screen. Congratulations, you have successfully purchased Hashflow!

Hashflow price history

In 2022, Hashflow began trading in the cryptocurrency market at a price of $13,235. However, the price began to decline, leading to bearish sentiment. Nonetheless, the bulls were able to drive the price to all-time highs (ATH) of $2,580.9 on November 7, 2022.

image 131
image 131

Hashflow price history and market cap chart by Coin Market Cap

In the last 24 hours, the HFT token has been trading at a cost of $0.5667, reflecting a price decline of 3.48%. As of now, the current price of Hashflow is down by 77.90% from its all-time highs. Additionally, the HFT token’s current market dominance is at 0.01%.

Currently, the highest and lowest prices of HFT tokens are $0.5907 and $0.5594 respectively. The current market capitalization of hasflow is $112,343,347.

Hashflow Technical Analysis

On the 24-hour price, chart, Hashflow is trading in a bearish sentiment indicated by the Relative Strength Index (RSI) which is moving below its signal lines suggesting that the selling pressure is stronger than buying pressure.

However, it is important to note that there may be short-term fluctuations in the price and traders should keep an eye on any potential trend reversals. The current value of the RSI indicator is 40.21.

image 132
image 132

However, the 50-day Moving Average (MA) indicates that a market reversal might soon occur in the market in the coming hours as it is moving above the 100-day moving average, suggesting that this could be a good opportunity for traders to enter the market and take advantage of the potential price movement.

Hashflow Price Predictions by Cryptopolitan

image 129
image 129
image 130

Hashflow Price Prediction 2023

Our Hashflow price prediction for 2023 expects HFT to trade at a minimum value of $0.76 and reach a maximum value of $0.88 in 2023.  Hashflow average price is forecast to be $0.79. 

Hashflow Price Prediction 2024

According to our Hashflow 2024 price prediction, 2024 we expect Hashflow to trade at a minimum price of $1.14 while the maximum price level will be $1.33. The average price of HFT will be $1.18.

Hashflow Price Prediction 2025

Hashflow’s 2025 price prediction projects that the HFT token will trade at a minimum price of $1.67 while the average price of Hashflow is expected to be at  $1.73. The maximum price of HFT will be $1.97.

Hashflow Price Prediction 2026

In 2026, we anticipate that the bulls in Hashflow will lead to the price of HFT tokens to trade at an average price of $2.54 while the minimum price will be $2.47. The maximum price will be $2.93.

Hashflow Price Prediction 2027

Our Hashflow price predictions suggest in 2026, the price of HFT is expected to reach a minimum level of $3.67. HFT price could reach a maximum level of $4.36 with an average trading price of $3.77.

Hashflow Price Prediction 2028

Based on Hashflow predictions, HFT price could reach a maximum price of $6.40 with an average price of $5.53. The minimum price will be $5.38.

Hashflow 2029 Price Prediction

The Hashflow price forecast for 2028 is a minimum level of $7.81. The HFT price could reach a maximum value of $9.28 with an average trading price of$8.03.

Hashflow 2030 Price Prediction

It is expected that the lowest cost Hashflow will reach in 2030 is $11.58, with the maximum cost reaching $13.20. As of now, the average price of Hashflow is predicted to trade at $11.90. 

Hashflow 2031 Price Prediction

As per the forecast price and technical analysis, In 2031 the price of Hashflow is predicted to reach a minimum level of $17.20. The HFT price could reach a maximum level of $20.57 with an average trading price of $17.79.

Hashflow 2032 Price Prediction

HFT price prediction anticipates that the price of Hashflow in 2032 will hit a minimum value of $24.96. Additionally, the maximum value that HFT price may attain is projected to be $30.19, while the average forecast price is expected to be around $25.85.

Hashflow Price Prediction by DigitalCoinPrice

According to Hash flow, price prediction by DigitalCoinPrice it is projected that HFT will trade at a maximum price of $1.25 while the minimum price of Hashflow will be $0.51. The average price of HFT price will be $1.01.

In the year 2026, the bullish sentiment will still be developing in the Hashflow market where the average price of the HFT tokens will be $2.26 while the maximum price is expected to be $2.36. The minimum price according to DigitalCoinPrice will be $2.19.

According to DigitalCoinPrice the long-term Hashflow maximum price of the year 2032 will be $10.98 while the minimum price of Hashflow will be $10.77. The average price will be $10.88.

Hashflow Price Prediction by PricePredictionNet

As per the Hashflow price forecast by PricePredictionNet, in 2023 HFT price will trade at a maximum cost of $0.88 while the average price of Hashflow will be $0.79. The minimum price of Hashflow will be $0.76.

By 2026, Hashflow will trade at an average price of $2.54 while the minimum price of HFT will be $2.47. The maximum price of HFT will be $2.93.

Hashflow Price Prediction by CoinCodex

Based on Coincodex’s analysis of technical indicators, market sentiment, and other data, it is forecasted that the HFT price will decrease by 17.69% and reach $0.473399 by May 24, 2023.

Currently, the market sentiment for Hashflow is bearish, but the Fear & Greed index is indicating a neutral state with a score of 53. In the past 30 days, Hashflow experienced 16 green days out of 30, representing 53% of the total days, with a 1.98% price volatility. Additionally, Hashflow had 12 green days out of 30, representing 40% of the total days, with 7.11% price volatility over the same period.


Hashflow is a promising project with innovative features and a growing user base in the coming future. Its low fees, fast transaction times, and advanced trading features make it a compelling alternative to centralized exchanges. Aside from these features, using the platform is so convenient and easy,

Hashflow is designed for interoperability, zero slippage, and MEV-protected trades. It allows you to trade any asset on any chain in seconds simply by connecting your wallet. All trades are commission-free, and all price quotes are executed at their displayed price, giving you the most value for your buck on every trade.

Hashflow announced that there would be retroactive NFT rewards, with 6.75% of the HFT supply going to early users that received Hashflow NFTs (linear vesting for 12 months). The remaining 9.546% of HFT allocated to the treasury for rewards will go to trading rewards, market-making rewards and LP rewards.

Invest carefully and consider spreading your portfolio over more coins with utilitarian value.


Where can I buy NFT tokens?

HFT tokens can be purchased from top crypto exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Kucoin etc.

What is HFT’s secured?

HFT is available as an ERC-20 token. The ERC-20 token is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, which is secured by a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus. The HFT token contract has been audied by Quanstamp.

What is Hashflow’s all-time high?

Hashflow has reached an all-time high of $2.53. Since Hashflow’s debut, this is the highest price that has ever been paid for it.

Is Hashflow a Good Investment?

Hashflow, with its promising blockchain technology and real-world applications, has demonstrated potential as a solid investment opportunity.

What is the Hashverse

The Hashverse is the first-ever storyverse-driven, gamified DAO and governance platform. Staked tokens will be used to determine users’ health metrics within the Hashverse. Users must continuously adjust the amount and duration of their staked tokens in order to maintain their health within the Hashverse, as a way to increase engagement and actual usage.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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