Halborn warns traders about a new phishing scam


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  • Blockchain firm advises traders about new Metamask scam
  • Halborn analyses the email
  • Phishing attacks are now rampant in the market

Blockchain company Halborn has issued a serious announcement to traders that leverage Metamask wallet to trade their digital assets. According to the cybersecurity outfit, hackers and scammers use phishing via emails to steal digital assets belonging to unsuspecting users. In a very detailed analysis given by one of the company’s technical specialists, the scammers use the technique to coerce users into inputting their passphrase for them to be able to steal.

Halborn highlights traits of phishing emails

According to the firm, it analyzed an email that the scammers sent to the company last month. Halborn mentioned that at first look, the email looked like one sent from the official source about complying with primary AML and KYC rules. However, the company mentioned that upon further quizzing by trained eyes; they discovered some suspicious items in the email.

The firm also mentioned that the hackers send other users emails verifying their accounts. One of the most easily identifiable traits that make the email fake is the incorrect spelling and the source of the email. In addition to that, the platform that was used to send the email is entirely different from the original company’s platform.

Phishing attacks are now rampant in the market

Phishing attacks have been ongoing in the crypto sector, with the hackers leveraging emails to trick users into submitting key details, which will be used to hack their accounts. The end game of such an attack is to steal digital assets or other assets in the portfolio of unsuspecting users. The firm also noted that the hackers failed to address the email to each person as they used a broad term that endears everyone into thinking the email is for them. Once users follow the link in the email, they would be required to enter their seed phrase on the fake website, and after successfully entering it, the hackers would swing into action.

Last month, Halborn announced that it had completed a $90 million funding. The funds would be put into making its services robust amid plans to open up to a broader audience worldwide. Although this news has been going around pretty fast, Metamask is yet to address the issue officially or on any of its social media handles. Aside from Metamask, other firms have warned their users to be careful with Celsius coming around weeks ago to tell users to be careful of how they treat sensitive data.

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