GUNZ Blockchain Integrates with OpenSea Ahead of AAA Game’s Launch

In this post:

  • GUNZ blockchain by Gunzilla Games just got integrated with OpenSea.
  • It will allow players to trade assets from games built on the GUNZ blockchain.
  • Off the Grid will be the first AAA game by Gunzilla Games to support NFTs on OpenSea.

NFTs have the potential to fully revolutionize the ownership of game assets. We are seeing a rapid shift in gaming as more AAA studios invest in their Web3 presence. Gunzilla Games recently integrated its GUNZ blockchain with OpenSea making it the 9th supported blockchain.

Now that is big because OpenSea is a leading NFT marketplace. Of course, GUNZ is going to get more eyes due to this integration. But the end goal is much bigger than that.

With regards to this news, Gunzilla Games CEO and Co-Founder, Vlad Korolov stated, “Our vision has always been to empower players with true ownership of their in-game assets, transforming how value is created and exchanged in digital worlds.”

Trade items from games built on the GUNZ blockchain

The biggest benefit of this integration is that players will now be able to trade in game items from all games built on the GUNZ blockchain using the GUN token. Gunzilla Games is on its way to release its first AAA game called Off the Grid for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Playstation 5 later this year.

Snapshot from Off the Grid Official Gameplay Trailer

Off the Grid is a F2P Battle Royale with a Cyberpunk theme. Honestly, this game has the potential to go viral and bring more eyes to NFTs and their utility. That is because shooting games are already big in Web2 and we are yet to see something of that scale allowing complete ownership of assets. In fact, Off the Grid has already received attention from big streamers like Dr DisRespect, ImperialHal, and Clix.

It is important to note that Off the Grid is not a strictly NFT game. NFTs are just an optional part of the game and will allow players to own their assets outside of it. These will include various accessories and collectible items on the GUNZ blockchain.

The team has clarified that the game allows players to try NFTs as it is built on top of the GUNZ blockchain. This does not mean that it will be unplayable without diving into NFTs. Its up to the players how they want to manage their game assets. This means that Off the Grid is not a strictly Web3 game but includes optional features of Web3 like NFTs.

Off the Grid Game Features – Here’s what we know as of yet

The game will allow players to shoot opponent’s cyberlimbs and grab them. There are at least 30+ cyberlimb upgrades aside from the starter arm and starter legs, and the team has shared a few with us. Here’s what we have as of now:

  • Snaresetter: It produces electromagnetic beams to create a trap for the enemies.
  • Ripper: The ripper is apparently designed to stab and rip through the opponents.
  • Slugger: This cyberlimb throws projectiles to slow the target down massively.
  • Roadrunners: These limbs allow sprinting across the island while leaving behind a speedy trail.

Apart from that, there are 300+ customizable weapon combinations. Players will be able to combine components like sight, muzzle, tactical, underbarrel, and magazine to create their perfect killing machine for the battle. All these will be tradable as NFTs existing on the GUNZ blockchain.

This story is sourced from GUNZ Blockchain’s official twitter account.

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