GTR Conference Nurtures Successful Game Development and Publishing


  • GTR Conference in Malta highlights critical factors for successful game development and publishing.
  • Key elements include a quality game, a defined target audience, access to funding, and reputable publishers.
  • GXC’s support programs like G.Round and GTR Accelerator aid startups in various aspects of game development and growth.

The GTR Conference, an annual gathering that brings together game developers, publishers, and industry experts, recently took place in Malta. This event serves as a pivotal platform for startups and established companies alike to showcase their games, seek investment opportunities, and explore the world of game publishing. In this article, we delve into the key highlights and insights from the GTR Conference, where participants discussed the critical factors behind successful game development and publishing.

The recipe for successful game development

Creating and launching a successful game involves several essential components, and the GTR Conference shed light on these vital aspects. At its core, success in the gaming industry hinges on the convergence of three key elements: a high-quality game, a well-defined target audience and market, and access to adequate capital through a reputable publisher. These elements must harmoniously come together to pave the path for a game’s triumph.

While the development of a good game is paramount, it is not the sole determinant of success. Adequate funding is crucial to support development, and securing user feedback during the development phase is equally vital. Furthermore, having a reputable publisher onboard can significantly impact a game’s success by ensuring a successful launch in the intended market.

GXC’s support for game developers

GXC, a prominent player in the gaming industry, has been actively involved in supporting game developers through various initiatives aimed at fostering ecosystem development. One of these programs, known as ‘G.Round,’ involves testing games with approximately 410,000 users globally. Another initiative, ‘Global Top Round (GTR),’ offers valuable offline events and 1:1 online consultations, covering crucial aspects such as investments, localization, and operations necessary for successful game launches. In addition to these, GXC is set to establish ‘Round Ventures,’ an investment-specialized company, in the first quarter of 2024, to further assist startups facing challenges in funding, operations, localization, and securing publishers.

The GTR conference

The GTR Conference, hosted annually by GXC, serves as a hub for game startups seeking support in various aspects of game development and publishing. The 9th edition of this conference, held in Malta, witnessed introductions to G.Round and the GTR Accelerator program. Notably, 20 selected startup developers and publisher representatives gathered to participate in pitching sessions and select the final developers for investment and accelerator programs. Additionally, attendees had the opportunity to play games currently in development by each selected studio.

GTR: Guiding startups to success

GTR operates as a comprehensive support platform for game startups, offering assistance from development to publishing, fund acquisition, and long-term growth strategies. The program places a strong emphasis on providing a systematic environment to help startups achieve significant milestones swiftly. Through its investment and accelerator programs, GTR has executed a total of 64 investments spanning 32 countries. Developers selected for these programs benefit from a series of workshops, conferences, and extensive support throughout the year.

The core values of GTR encompass investment execution, mentoring services, strategy formulation, business development, and the invaluable game feedback obtained through G.Round. GTR operates on a principle of providing ongoing support, ensuring that development companies complete their projects successfully and successfully launch them into the market.

G.Round: A global feedback platform

G.Round, an in-house game testing platform developed by GXC, serves as a crucial platform for obtaining user feedback during the game development process. Boasting an impressive community of 410,000 gamers from 190 countries, G.Round has tested a total of 363 games in collaboration with developers from 30 countries. Gamers on the platform freely play and provide feedback on two new games every week during a 4-week playtest period.

The user base of G.Round actively participates in the testing process, with an average of 1,400 users playing each game and providing approximately 500 reviews and 250 survey responses. This dedicated community of gamers offers valuable insights and in-depth feedback, contributing to the enhancement of game quality.

The platform’s introduction of AI technology aims to further improve the quality of data provided to game developers. AI is used to analyze data, detect fake reviews, and even predict revenue, providing developers with reliable information for decision-making.

2bytes: Co-publishing for global expansion

In a strategic partnership with 2bytes, G.Round expands its reach in assisting game development companies. 2bytes, established in 2020, serves as a global expansion partner, offering support in various aspects needed for game releases in specific regions. These services include translation, quality assurance (QA), and customer service. With an impressive track record of partnering with 120 development studios and publishers over the past three years, 2bytes specializes in localization tasks for titles such as Black Desert and Lies of P.

2bytes has also developed an AI-based localization engine called ‘BoraCAT,’ which significantly reduces costs and enhances efficiency in the co-publishing model. This engine has shown remarkable results in producing natural translations compared to other tools.

As part of their expansion plans, 2bytes is set to launch its co-publishing business officially next year. They plan to onboard games tested through G.Round and, through venture capital funds like GTR and Round Ventures, invest in games receiving positive feedback. This collaboration aims to support global developers and partners while ensuring higher revenue distribution.

Pitching to showcase games and seeking support

The GTR conference provided a platform for 20 game developers from around the world to pitch their companies, ongoing games, and budgets for development and marketing. These developers covered a diverse range of game genres, from roguelikes to animation-based RPGs, action-adventures, and open-world survival-craft titles.

Developers primarily sought publishers and support in areas such as localization, QA, and PR. Each developer specified budget requirements based on their company’s size, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of USD. The presentations highlighted their dedication to community building, engaging with gamers through platforms like Discord and social media.

Publisher perspectives on game development

Representatives from seven publishers, including Shiro Games, Team17, PlaySide, and Playstack, shared their insights on the games and developers they seek to collaborate with. While their preferences varied in terms of game genres and company sizes, they all emphasized honest and transparent communication with developers.

Publishers stressed the importance of forming close and friendly relationships with developers and respecting their creative autonomy. They emphasized that intellectual property rights remain with developers, and they do not interfere with the creative aspects of game development. Publishers also expressed a willingness to share financial risks with developers, highlighting the significance of finding the right publishing partner for long-term success.

The GTR Conference provided a comprehensive overview of the gaming industry, offering valuable insights into the key factors that drive successful game development and publishing. The event showcased the importance of collaboration, feedback, and support in nurturing game startups and helping them achieve their goals in the competitive world of gaming. With the gaming industry continuing to evolve, events like the GTR Conference play a crucial role in shaping the future of game development and publishing.

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