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Today, cryptocurrency proves to be the future of money. Many people take financial advice and invest in the cryptocurrency market as it offers a path to future financial wealth. However, the crypto market is very volatile as prices tend to drop and rise frequently. Inconsistency makes price prediction technical if there’ll be a rise or a fall in any crypto asset.

This article will review the Helium cryptocurrency market, long- and short-term investments, and the possible future price destination. Following the price hike in many crypto assets early in 2021, many cryptocurrencies have dropped in value. This situation makes us curious about how Helium will react to the market fluctuations. 

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Investing in Helium, you may have experienced price fluctuations over time. You have to be keen on the next Helium price, which is essential for a profitable investment. We’ll give you detailed Helium price predictions in addition to your research, so you can plan your investments properly, as investments in the early stages pay off. Before we go into the full Helium price predictions, let’s explore more about Helium.

What is Helium?

Helium, also known as Helium Network (HNT), was launched in July 2019. It’s a fast-growing decentralized blockchain that allows peer-to-peer WiFi access to IoT devices using limited internet power demand—for example, tracking electronic bikes and wearables. 

Helium blockchain consists of different hotspots launched on the market that gives the public network coverage and compensates with HNT in return. Unlike the usual WiFi hotspots with little coverage reach and depend on a close distance between gadgets, Helium token is different. 

Helium cryptocurrency provides a better viable alternative to internet access. It doesn’t matter if you’re kilometers away. With the Helium LongFi protocol and the global united network, you’ll have stable internet access. What this means is that you can connect wirelessly from anywhere in the world. The Helium hotspot uses PoC to confirm a device’s location, as it transfers data and protects the network infrastructure. Subsequently, the operators get rewarded with Helium cryptocurrency. The Helium coin has two primary uses:

  • For mining benefits: Operators of the hotspot receive HNTs for providing, validating, and maintaining coverage and transfer of device data. The reward is calculated on the volume of data transferred and the quality of coverage.
  • For generating data credits: The data credits gotten from HNTs can serve as payment for services like data transmission and transaction charges. 

Helium Overview

Helium Overview
CoinSymbolPriceMarketcapChangeLast 24hSupplyVolume (24h)
HNT$ 9.17$ 921.68 M2.97%100.54 M$ 18.13 M

Features of the Helium Network

Before Helium’s network performs seamlessly, some components contribute to this flawless performance. Let’s have a look.


This feature is used to successfully interpret a device’s location without any power-draining or expensive satellite install; the digital currency network uses a wireless high-speed internet service. The devices can give an accurate and secure representation of location, and blockchain records it.


Helium uses the PoC to confirm that a device’s location is accurate and it’s truthfully giving a precise location for the wireless coverage by the hotspot. With the help of the PoC, both blockchain and Helium’s network can use the information disbursed to provide evidence beneficial to users of the network and the network itself.


WHIP is a wireless high-speed internet service designed for low-power devices over a large area. It uses chips from different manufacturers with no proprietary technology or required modulation schemes.

Helium’s network consensus protocol

The consensus protocol operates on specific mechanisms. Hotspots operating within Helium’s network specifications and consensus rules have full permission to freely participate in Helium’s network.

Another characteristic is no incentive to leverage factors like cheap energy cost or extra hardware around the exact geographical location.

Thirdly, the protocol should endure Byzantine breakdowns to reach consensus so far; some users are honest. Due to this, Helium’s network uses HoneyBadgerBFT.

Also, there should be a high rate of approved transactions per second, and hotspots should lack the censoring ability and should not select or deselect transactions in the block.

Helium Decentralized Wire Network (DWN)

This function supplies wireless internet connection to devices using different independent miners. It indicates which network and WHIP specifications the users on the network follow. Routers pay the various miners for internet coverage. Subsequently, these miners get tokens for network coverage and data transmission to the internet.

Now, we covered the basics of Helium. Let’s go through the Helium predictions and helium prices in a few years.

Helium Current Market Status

Helium Price Prediction 2022-2025 1

Source: Helium price today, trading volume, and market cap | CoinMarketCap

At the time of writing, the current price of Helium tokens is $18.97, with a current price change of $1.40 over the last 24 hours. It is essential to know that the lowest Helium price drop was at $17.56 within the previous 24 hours and has a price high of $19.03 in the previous 24 hours. The trading volume over the last 24 hours is at $21,401,019.68, and the Helium market cap settles at $1,880,826,116.34, with a fully diluted market capitalization of $4,238,575,248.23.

Helium Price Prediction

The Helium forecast system notes that the below Helium price predictions are based solely on technical analysis. No one is 100% certain of the technical analysis with a large trading volume as the market fluctuates quickly. It shouldn’t be taken as investment advice, but traders can use the information to shape their predictions on Helium.

The below chart shows the technical analysis of the helium forecast for 2021 and 2022. 

Helium Price Prediction 2022-2025 2

Source: Wallet Investor | Helium Technical Analysis and Price Prognosis

Helium Price Prediction 2022

Helium’s forecast for 2022 sees the price rising until April. Starting with a January price of $26.20 to $28.03 in February, $29.43 in March, and $29.73 in April. In May 2022, the price dips a little at $27.94, spotting a minimum price of $23.19 in May, a maximum price of $32.41, and an average price of $27.80 in May. 

The token price decreased a bit in June with a price prediction of $27.66. The price prediction sees an average of $26.83 in June 2022 and an average helium price of $27.60 in July 2022. The minimum price is $23.24 for June and a minimum price of $24.40 for July.  Helium price sees a price increase from $32.82 in August and closing with $42.84 in December with a max price of $51.41.

Helium Price Prediction 2022-2025 3

Source: Coinskid | Helium Price Forecast for 2022

Helium Price Prediction 2023

The price of Helium is expected to start strong at $46.70, cruising through a maximum price of $54.46 in February 2023 and a maximum price of $64.41 in March 2023. The monthly price change remains the same from January to February, staying at a monthly change of 9% each. The monthly price change for March increases to 14%, with a minimum price of $52.80 and a maximum price of $64.41 for March 2023.

Helium price decreases slightly in April to a predicted price of $49.90, dipping further to $46.91 in May 2023. The minimum price of April 2023 is $39.92, spotting a maximum price of $54.89. The average Helium price is $47.41 in April, with a -14% monthly price change. The minimum, maximum, and average prices are set at $39.87, $53.01, and $46.44 for May 2023. 

After this, there’s a steady rise in price prediction from June to October 2023. It started at $50.66 in June and peaked at an all-time high (ATH) of $71.26 in October 2023. There’s a Helium price equal monthly change of 13% in July and August 2023. Helium price dropped in value in November, staying around $61.29 in November 2023 and increasing a bit to $66.80 in December 2023. The price for December is $62.13, and the max price is $78.83 in December 2023. This sets Helium’s monthly price change to 9% for December 2023.

Helium Price Prediction 2022-2025 4

Source: Coinskid | Summary of the Helium Price Forecast for 2023

Helium Price Prediction 2024

Closing at $66.80 the previous year (2023), the Helium price is expected to rise a bit to $67.47 in January 2024. The average Helium price in January 2024 sets at $67.13, with a monthly change of 1% and a max price of $79.61. The price falls in February and rises a bit to $58.60 in March. 

Price continues to fluctuate as it rises to $65.05 in April 2024 and continues a bearish run to $62.45 in May 2024. The price prediction of the HNT coin is bullish in June and July 2024, rising to an all-time high of $78.33 in July. The maximum and minimum price prediction sets at $83.81 and $74.41 in July 2024, with an average price of $79.11 in July.

The price of Helium hits a new high at the end of 2024, settling at $84.02 with minimum price and maximum helium price predictions of $77.30 and $96.62 in December 2024. 

Helium Price Prediction 2022-2025 5

Source: Coinskid | Summary of Helium Price Forecast for the Year 2024

Helium Price Prediction 2025

The Helium price predictions in 2025 promise to wax more potent, hitting new all-time highs in the future. The Helium price begins with $92.42 in January, increasing in value in February to $93.34. Price continues a bullish run in March 2025, hitting a maximum price prediction of $110.30 and a low of $84.85 in March. 

July 2025 sees the price of Helium breaking the resistance level and hitting a new all-time high of $125.43 as the maximum price limit for July. It becomes difficult for the price to break this resistance level as it hits an average helium price of $107 58 in September 2025. 

According to the forecast, the maximum price for Helium settles at $105.84 in October and $108.06 in November. The minimum price is $91.28 in October and $84.83 in November 2025. December sees Helium price hitting the highest price of $130.07 and settling for $113.10 in December 2025. The minimum price sits at $95.01, while the average price is $112.54. This sees a monthly change of 12% at the end of 2025.

Helium Price Prediction 2022-2025 6

Source: Coinskid | Summary of the Helium Price Change for 2025 


From the above Helium price predictions, it’s evident we’ll see a significant Helium price change in the future, as Helium tends to have long-term earning potential. This makes Helium a solid future investment, and it’s not best to sell Helium. The price of Helium might even soar more than the predicted outcomes; it all depends on what crypto traders think, whether it’s a good investment or not. It also depends on its price action. If you’re looking to buy Helium, and not thinking short term, investing now in Helium may come off as a good investment.

The Burn and Mint equilibrium (BME) of HNT won’t truly kick in until mass adoption and massive IoT activity on the network, correct. However, the beauty of BME token models is that HNT can essentially “float” without being directly tied to usage, which keeps the network affordable to IoT vendors. If the tech works as intended and companies and consumers adopt the network, it could go up a lot if it fizzles out or gets acquired somehow, not looking good. Hard to project the price.

From what we observed since a month ago, selling pressure was relatively low, while interest and engagement in the network remained high, which fueled speculative buying. As long as people feel “good” about holding HNT and supporting the project, we can project on a bright road ahead.


How to earn HNT?

Powered by the Helium Blockchain, The People’s Network allows anyone to earn a new cryptocurrency, HNT, by building a massive decentralized wireless network.

How does the Helium Miner work?

Here is a video of the Helium Network and the Helium Hotspot miners⌚ Timestamps: 00:00 – Intro 00:32 – Overview 01:06 – The Helium Network 03:26 – The Hotspot Miners 05:38 – Rewards Structure Breakdown 09:46 – Your HNT Hotspot Placement 12:16 – Will HNT Hotspots Remain Profitable? Halving / Saturation 15:45 – My Thoughts On Helium Network & The New 5G Announcement 16:07 – Which HNT Hotspot Miners Did I Order? 18:14 – Outro

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.
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