Google gears up for epic antitrust battle with the US

The tech industry is no stranger to antitrust battles. A quarter-century after the US government confronted Microsoft over stifling competition, another tech behemoth is now on the hot seat.

This time, it’s Google, grappling with the Department of Justice (DoJ) in what’s being dubbed a groundbreaking effort to regulate dominant tech forces.

This is more than just a reiteration of tech vs. the government; it’s an emblematic face-off with implications that might reconfigure the contours of Big Tech’s trajectory.

Ripples from the Past: Evoking Microsoft Memories

Casting our minds back, the Microsoft lawsuit was a defining moment in antitrust history. Fast forward to today, and the similarities are uncanny. Google’s legal tangle has ignited discussions, with some seeing it as a refashioning of the Microsoft lawsuit. Michael Carrier, an esteemed law professor, did not shy away from marking this as “the most significant antitrust monopoly case since Microsoft.” But, will history repeat itself?

Despite the buzz and concern initially drummed up about this affecting Big Tech’s profit margins, there’s an increasing sentiment that the US courts might hesitate to pull the rug from beneath tech giants. Analyst Paul Gallant adds another layer, noting that if Google stands tall post-trial, it might set a precedent, giving other tech magnates a sigh of relief. Conversely, a government triumph could send ripples across Wall Street, potentially shaking Big Tech’s robust market stance.

Biden’s Era: Tightening the Antitrust Noose

Zooming out, the broader political landscape provides context. The Biden administration’s resolve to tackle what they perceive as corporate overreach is palpable. In the limelight is Jonathan Kanter, the freshly appointed head of the Department of Justice’s antitrust unit, heralded as a vanguard against unrestrained tech power. This trial isn’t just a reflection of governmental policies; it’s personal for Kanter. Having previously legally confronted Google on behalf of companies like Microsoft, his drive to regulate the tech titan is clear.

Yet, the road ahead is shrouded in mystery. What the DoJ intends post-victory is yet to be unveiled. Suggestions from Google’s critics run the gamut – from complete corporate disintegration to imposing restrictive measures akin to Microsoft’s past sanctions. Still, many legal experts, Donald Polden included, argue that a breakup isn’t on the horizon.

The Contention: Google’s Agreements Under the Microscope

Diving deeper, the crux of this lawsuit hinges on Google’s contracts. These accords, crafted to ensure the company’s search engine prominence, are contested by the DoJ, drawing comparisons to Microsoft’s tactics to push its Internet Explorer browser, thereby sidelining Netscape. But is this a fair comparison?

Google’s defense centers around the nature of its contracts. Unlike Microsoft’s hard-line approach with PC makers, Google claims their arrangements were shaped largely by third-party companies, offering them flexibility. Moreover, with several non-exclusive deals, it becomes challenging for the DoJ to substantiate claims of Google monopolizing search prominence.

To bolster its stance, the DoJ is summoning a parade of witnesses. From tech moguls, including Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai, to Apple executives, these testimonies might provide invaluable insights into Google’s commercial conduct. The government is expected to underline how seldom smartphone users diverge from default search engine settings, emphasizing Google’s stronghold on search preferences.

Yet, the legal battlefield is fraught with uncertainty. While Google asserts the superior quality of its product, naysayers argue consumers might’ve been blindsided, robbed of potential alternatives. The jury’s out (literally) on which side the scales will tip.

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