Google Cloud enlisted as XPLA’s first volunteer validator


  • Google Cloud has been enlisted as the first volunteer validator for the blockchain network XPLA.
  • XPLA’s evolution and Google Cloud’s commitment to blockchain.

XPLA, the blockchain network founded by major South Korean game publisher Com2uS, has recently enlisted Google Cloud as its first “volunteer validator.” These validators play a crucial role in verifying and confirming transactions within the network. Unlike traditional validators, XPLA’s volunteer validators won’t be rewarded with tokens for their efforts; instead, the tokens will be distributed to a communal pool.

Google Cloud to act as a volunteer validator for XPLA

The proposal to introduce this volunteer validator feature is currently under consideration by the XPLA network, and at the time of writing, it has received unanimous support from the community. Jack Buser, General Director of Google Cloud Game Industry Solutions, expressed optimism about the collaboration, noting that the firm hopes to accelerate the growth and innovation of Web3 games based on the secure and high-performance Google Cloud infrastructure.

XPLA operates on the Tendermint protocol, which also powers the Cosmos network. Additionally, it is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, showcasing its flexibility in supporting various blockchain technologies. Noteworthy games running on the XPLA network include The Walking Dead: All-Stars, Summoner’s War: Chronicles, and Ace Fishing: Crew. These games, based on existing intellectual properties, have been adapted for the “play-to-own” model in the blockchain gaming space.

Originally established as C2X on the Terra network, XPLA underwent a significant transformation after the collapse of the UST and LUNA tokens in May 2022. Subsequently, the XPLA network was launched in August 2022, marking a fresh start for the platform. Beyond Google Cloud, other XPLA validators include metaverse investor Animoca Brands and mobile game developer Gumi. This diverse group of validators further strengthens the network’s position and credibility in the blockchain space.

XPLA’s evolution and Google Cloud’s commitment to blockchain

Paul Kim, the Team Lead of XPLA, expressed delight in welcoming Google Cloud as a new validator and highlighted the shared vision to shape a transparent Web3 ecosystem. The objective is not only to facilitate secure transactions but also to deliver innovative and engaging Web3 experiences to players worldwide. This collaboration underscores the commitment of both XPLA and Google Cloud to fostering growth and innovation within the blockchain gaming sector.

Google Cloud’s involvement in various blockchain networks, including Solana, Tezos, Aptos, Polygon, and Celo, demonstrates its broader commitment to the blockchain space. The company has also collaborated with Coinbase to enable cryptocurrency payments, showcasing its multifaceted approach to engaging with the crypto and blockchain community. In April, Google Cloud took a significant step by launching the Web3 Startups Program.

This initiative aims to offer additional benefits for cryptocurrency firms in collaboration with networks like Solana, Aptos, Near, and Hedera. Through such programs, Google Cloud continues to position itself as a key player in supporting the growth of Web3 startups and contributing to the evolution of the decentralized internet. The collaboration between XPLA and Google Cloud as a volunteer validator signifies a strategic move towards advancing the development of Web3 games.

This partnership not only benefits the XPLA network but also contributes to the broader goals of fostering innovation and transparency within the blockchain ecosystem. As the blockchain space continues to evolve, such collaborations pave the way for exciting advancements in decentralized technologies and gaming experiences.

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