Sony’s Next-Gen Console Buzz: PS5 Pro’s AMD RDNA3 GPU unveiled


  • Sony’s PS5 Pro may boast an AMD RDNA3 GPU for better performance.
  • Project Trinity emphasizes fast storage, ray tracing, and upscaling.
  • Sony continues its tradition of iterative console upgrades.

Next-Generation PlayStation Console, Codenamed Project Trinity, May Launch with Enhanced Graphics PerformanceIn a recent leak by Tom Henderson, a well-known gaming industry insider, it has been suggested that Sony’s forthcoming inter-generational console, the PlayStation 5 (PS5) Pro, is set to receive a substantial upgrade in the form of an AMD RDNA3 GPU. This latest development has sent waves of excitement through the gaming community, as it promises to deliver enhanced graphics and performance capabilities. The rumored console, codenamed Project Trinity, is expected to be a significant addition to Sony’s gaming lineup.

Project Trinity and early Devkit leaks

According to Henderson’s disclosure on platforms such as Twitter and the Resetera forums, Sony’s PS5 Pro is currently under development with the codename Project Trinity. Moreover, it is believed that Sony is preparing for potential leaks of the console this month, as devkits are reportedly being distributed to third-party studios. This early development phase suggests that the gaming giant is already hard at work to deliver an upgraded gaming experience for its loyal fan base.

AMD RDNA3 GPU and specifications

The most exciting aspect of the rumored PS5 Pro is its GPU, which is said to be powered by an AMD RDNA3 architecture. This advanced GPU is speculated to boast an impressive 60 Compute Cores, significantly increasing the console’s processing power. The PS5 Pro’s APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) is expected to feature 3,840 Stream Processors, a figure identical to the Radeon RX 7800 XT desktop graphics card. Additionally, the new APU is rumored to be built on TSMC’s N4P process, offering gamers a cutting-edge gaming experience.

The console is anticipated to include 16GB of GDDR6 memory with a 256-bit memory bus, resulting in a remarkable 576GB/s of bandwidth. Furthermore, the GPU is expected to operate at a clock speed of 2GHz. An intriguing addition to the PS5 Pro could be the utilization of the XDNA2 NPU (Neural Processing Unit), marking it as the first gaming console to incorporate this recently announced technology.

The name “Project Trinity” is believed to be a nod to the three essential components that Sony aims to bring to the PS5 Pro: fast storage, accelerated ray-tracing, and upscaling. These elements are fundamental in modern video game titles, and Sony’s focus on integrating them into the console indicates a commitment to delivering a cutting-edge gaming experience to its users.

Sony’s tradition of iterative console releases

Sony’s approach to releasing multiple iterations of its PlayStation consoles is a well-established tradition. The PS4, for instance, received a more powerful “Pro” variant during its generation, providing gamers with enhanced graphics and performance options. The introduction of the PS5 Pro would align with this pattern of delivering improved hardware to cater to the diverse needs of the gaming community.

While the specific release date of the PS5 Pro remains unconfirmed, speculations point to a potential launch in November of the following year. Gamers worldwide will eagerly await further updates from Sony regarding this highly anticipated console.

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