Glif Garners $4.5 Million in Seed Funding, Revolutionizing Filecoin Ecosystem


  • Glif, a Filecoin liquid leasing protocol, successfully raised $4.5 million in a seed funding round led by Multicoin Capital, aiming to revolutionize the Filecoin ecosystem by providing token holders and miners innovative ways to maximize asset potential.
  • The protocol plans to launch a rewards program offering points for user activity and is exploring the introduction of a governance token, enhancing user engagement and democratizing its ecosystem’s governance.



In an ambitious move set to redefine the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape within the Filecoin ecosystem, Glif, the pioneering liquid leasing protocol, has successfully secured $4.5 million in a seed funding round. 

The financial injection, led by the esteemed Multicoin Capital, positions Glif at the forefront of innovation, offering Filecoin FIL holders and storage providers a novel way to maximize their assets’ potential.

Pioneering Investment and Strategic Partnerships

Glif’s recent seed funding round, which saw significant participation from leading investors including Zee Prime Capital, Fintech Collective, Big Brain Holdings, and Protocol Labs, underscores the protocol’s growing influence and potential within the Filecoin network. Multicoin Capital, making its inaugural foray into the Filecoin ecosystem, played a pivotal role in the investment round. The round, which concluded last November, was structured innovatively as a simple agreement for future equity (SAFE) with token warrants, illustrating the forward-thinking approach of both Glif and its investors.

Jonathan Schwartz, the founder and CEO of Glif, while remaining discreet about the valuation details, emphasized the importance of the funding in propelling the protocol’s vision and capabilities. As the largest protocol in the Filecoin ecosystem, boasting a total value locked of over $139 million according to Filfox data, Glif’s unique liquid leasing model offers a lucrative avenue for token holders and miners to earn rewards by depositing their tokens.

Glif’s expanding Filecoin ecosystem and upcoming rewards program

Glif stands as a testament to ingenuity and growth in the DeFi sector. Often likened to prominent protocols such as Lido for Ethereum or Jito for Solana, Glif has quickly become a cornerstone in the Filecoin network’s DeFi ecosystem, enhancing capital efficiency and fostering an environment ripe for innovation and growth. Kyle Samani, the managing partner of Multicoin Capital, lauded Glif’s impressive trajectory and its significant role in rejuvenating interest and activity within the Filecoin ecosystem.

Since its inception in 2019, Glif has been at the helm of developing critical infrastructure and tools for Filecoin. From pioneering the first Filecoin wallet to establishing the inaugural Filecoin notary service, Glif’s contributions have been instrumental in shaping the network’s landscape. The protocol’s launch in March 2023, following Filecoin’s integration of its virtual machine capable of supporting smart contracts, marked a new era for decentralized applications on the platform.

With the new influx of funding, Glif is strategically positioned to scale its operations and achieve its ambitious goal of increasing its total value locked to 100 million in FIL leases, translating to over $495 million at current market prices. Moreover, Glif is gearing up to introduce an innovative rewards program in late Q1 2024, designed to incentivize and reward its users’ loyalty and engagement.

Rewarding user loyalty: The future of Glif’s Tokenomics

Glif’s upcoming rewards program is set to usher in a new phase of user engagement and loyalty within the protocol. To participate and earn points, users will be required to deposit FIL and generate iFIL tokens, Glif’s native liquid leasing token. The distribution of Glif points is expected to be based on a comprehensive evaluation of both past and future activities, rewarding users for their contributions and interactions with the protocol.

In a move that aligns with the evolving dynamics of tokenomics in the crypto space, these points are anticipated to play a crucial role in the initial distribution of Glif’s native tokens through an airdrop mechanism. Furthermore, Glif is exploring the launch of a governance token, potentially adopting a model akin to popular vote-escrowed governance tokens like veCRV. The approach not only democratizes the governance process but also fosters a deeper sense of community and ownership among the protocol’s users.


Glif’s successful seed funding round and its visionary roadmap signify a transformative phase for the Filecoin ecosystem. By seamlessly blending innovative financial models with user-centric reward mechanisms, Glif is not just navigating the present landscape but also shaping the future of decentralized finance. As the protocol continues to evolve and expand its offerings, the crypto community watches with anticipation, ready to witness the next chapter in Glif’s journey toward redefining the boundaries of DeFi and user engagement.

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