Get Over Here! Learn All About How Scorpion Token, Solana and Ethereum Are Waging Mortal Combat On The Blockchain

Platforms with a large focus on crypto could change forever this year with the upcoming launch of a brand-new token on the market. Scorpion Token (SCORP) is currently in the middle of a presale, and if the speed it’s currently selling at is an indication of anything – it’s going to be a very popular one. However, how exactly is it using the blockchain to revolutionise the market, and how does it compare to established platforms like Solana (SOL) and Ethereum (ETH)?

Watch The Scorpion

SCORP is the name of the upcoming token being released by the popular Scorpion Casino as the fuel to the fire of its ecosystem. The platform isn’t new to using blockchain technologies but this is its biggest move yet. The reason why Scorpion Token is such a big deal is because of its very nature. Many cryptos go through manual burns or are burned occasionally. However, as a deflationary token, the Scorpion token is automatically burned with every single transaction. 

On top of that, it’s a very interconnected process as the burns are simply based on the platform generating profit. This means that the tokens value consistently rises while the total supply is reduced, benefiting all holders of SCORP. Furthermore, the token leverages the power of the blockchain perfectly, right down to its smart contract. The built-in integrated distribution ensures that users can create an avenue for passive income immediately, potentially earning up to $10,000 a day. 

Ethereum and Solana, The Gatekeepers

Scorpion undoubtedly draws a lot of inspiration from Ethereum and Solana, two popular blockchain network platforms. Instead of being purely tokens, they are both blockchain network projects, with Ethereum being the largest, that host or support more tokens in addition to their native tokens. 

Even the most intense waves of market volatility that have affected other cryptocurrencies have not been able to destroy Ethereum’s native token, Ether. On the other hand, Solana is one of the many initiatives that would be motivated by Ethereum’s success, making it its goal to both rival and enhance the functionality of the original.

Their community-driven strategy is their best aspect outside of functionality, as it is the community that has cultivated a strong sense of ownership and participation among its users. Both projects unique blockchain networks were built with this philosophy in mind and are managed by a decentralised network of nodes that ensure security and transparency.

The Future of Blockchain Platforms

Should the Scorpion token prove to be a success, the chance of more platforms incorporating crypto and blockchain tech within their industries could be inevitable! The possibilities are endless when it comes to the blockchain, and it can only really work to improve a platform, especially when it comes to streamlining user experiences and their ability to profit at the same time. 

Ethereum and Solana have been long established and are both regularly used throughout the crypto industry and beyond. Meanwhile, SCORP has enough utility that it could easily become a viable token by itself outside of its home platform. So if it’s something that you find yourself drawn to, find out more and get involved in the presale today! Plus, now is the perfect moment to do it since, for a limited time, if you register for the presale using the bonus code Launch20, you will be eligible to receive 20% more SCORP!

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