BITBOT ICO Raises $2.9m as AI Trading Bot Sector Pumps 

Bitbot’s new crypto ICO is turning heads for all the right reasons. It’s part of the rapidly growing AI trading bot scene, pulling in $2.9m from thousands of investors. Expectations are high, with the possibility of a 100x surge later this year.

Bitbot’s advanced AI and non-custodial approach are unlike anything else on the market, boasting the potential to set a new gold standard for Telegram trading bots. Let’s find out why.

Crypto AI trading bots’ skyrocketing popularity in 2024

Algorithmic trading has evolved dramatically over the past two decades. Since the 2010s, these tools have become a mainstay for retail traders. Now, as a new crypto bull run gets underway and AI capabilities advance, crypto-based AI trading bots are thriving. 

Valuates, a market research firm, projects this sector to grow at an impressive compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37.2% up to 2029. Industry pioneers like CryptoHopper, HaasOnline, and Stoic have paved the way, proving the sustained demand for future-ready AI trading bots.

Simultaneously, crypto trading bots on Telegram have been booming. These bots make accessing sophisticated automated trading strategies and decentralized exchanges easy, all within the Telegram app. They’ve seen nearly $20 billion in trading volume from nearly 1.5 million users, with daily transactions averaging well over $100 million.

Bitbot is a new entrant that bridges these sectors with a next-generation AI trading bot tailored for the Telegram app. Newly released details about its Gem Scanner feature have investors buzzing, helping to propel Bitbot’s new crypto ICO forward at a remarkable pace.

Bitbot: The world’s smartest AI Telegram trading bot

Bitbot’s new AI trading bot was designed with two objectives: leveling the playing field for retail traders against institutional behemoths through advanced AI and addressing the shortcomings of its competitors.

Bitbot’s standout innovation, the Gem Scanner, leverages AI to aggregate and analyze data from various sources. Using insights on market sentiment and on-chain trading activity, it expertly pinpoints tokens positioned for a surge. 

While the platforms mentioned have their merits, Bitbot offers a much simpler and more powerful solution. Its calls are distilled into an easily accessible list alongside a score that provides an at-a-glance look at which tokens could pump. 

Security is another domain where Bitbot excels, addressing a critical flaw in the Telegram trading bot market. Notorious competitors like Unibot, Maestro, Banana Gun, and Solareum have suffered from vulnerabilities that led to significant losses totaling an estimated $1.5 million. 

The link? These bots took custody of users’ private keys, a risky practice that Bitbot avoids by partnering with KnightSafe, a decentralized self-custody solution. This non-custodial approach means users retain complete control of their private keys and only transfer assets after transactions are executed.

Trading crypto can seem scary and complex enough without the fear of losing it all to a hacker or rug pull. Given the issues that have plagued the Telegram trading bot sector, it’s easy to see why traders might have been hesitant to invest in platforms that were rife with issues. That’s one reason why Bitbot’s advanced AI features and robust security measures offer it a tremendous market advantage that could help it dominate the Telegram trading bot sector, giving BITBOT holders solid gains. With AI trading bots only expected to grow in popularity, Bitbot’s accessibility could make it the first port of call for eager crypto investors and traders. 

Bitbot’s ICO pulls in $2.9m, mirroring BANANA’s trajectory

Currently, Bitbot is in stage 12 of a 15-stage presale, priced at $0.0171. It’s set to conclude at $0.02, meaning the ICO still has 16.96% growth potential. The market has already shown strong support, funneling $2.9m into Bitbot’s ICO. Likewise, it’s amassed around 80,000 Twitter followers and 25,000+ Telegram group members.

To understand Bitbot’s potential, just look at the success of Banana Gun, which raised $1.3 million in its September 2023 ICO. Since then, its BANANA token has delivered presale investors an 80x return, recently hitting a peak of $50.63 from its initial $0.65 presale price.

Considering the forecasted growth of AI trading bots, the increasing demand for Telegram trading bots, and Bitbot’s solid foundation in advanced AI and security, Bitbot has the right ingredients to become one of the market’s hottest new crypto tokens. Given BANANA’s spike, 100x gains could be possible for early BITBOT backers in 2024. Especially given that the full might of the bull run is likely not yet in play.

Bitbot’s ICO could sell out in weeks

After already raking in more funds than Banana Gun in its ICO, all signs point towards Bitbot dominating in 2024. Ongoing product updates, demos, and AMAs with product lead Andrew Jacobs have inspired confidence in early investors, and it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the market catches on.

But be fast: Bitbot’s new crypto ICO might smash past its target in a matter of weeks, and it won’t be long before BITBOT hits exchanges. FOMO could go into overdrive when it does, potentially delivering presale investors a handsome profit. 

To learn more and purchase BITBOT tokens, visit the official website.

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