The Generational Divide, as Gen Z and Millennials Embrace AI for Business


  • Gen Z and Millennials overwhelmingly view AI as a positive force for business innovation.
  • Businesses must adapt to younger consumers’ expectations for personalized experiences driven by AI.
  • Professionals are eager to incorporate generative AI tools into their work, emphasizing its potential in various industries.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on creative art have sparked controversy and legal battles, but a recent survey by Adobe suggests that Gen Z and Millennials hold different perspectives on AI for business. The study, which involved over 2,000 consumers and 498 customer experience and marketing professionals in the UK, sheds light on how these generations perceive AI and its potential.

A creative conundrum

The integration of AI in the realm of art has led to heated debates, with some critics labeling AI-generated art as “not real art” and even accusing it of data theft. To address this growing concern, AI artists are collaborating with non-profit organizations like Creative Commons to influence AI regulation and detoxify the discussion.

Gen Z and Millennials

Contrary to the skepticism within the creative community, Gen Z and Millennials are enthusiastic about generative AI. A staggering 52% of respondents from these demographics believe that AI technology has a positive impact on their lives, with an additional 7% even going so far as to call it a “miracle” technology.

AI’s influence on creativity

The implications of this positivity are far-reaching, especially for businesses. When asked about the role of AI in graphic design software and photography, 56% of respondents stated that AI tools would enhance their creativity. Moreover, 25% of Millennials and Gen Z consumers expressed a desire for companies to utilize AI to create more engaging and innovative content. A substantial 76% believe that AI will enable businesses to produce superior products, and 71% expect AI to enhance brand customer experiences.

Meeting consumer expectations

Consumers are increasingly relying on AI to streamline their interactions with businesses. Of the survey participants, 35% want AI to simplify and expedite their search for products or services, aligning with the 14% who anticipate AI predicting their preferences. In the Gen Z and Millennial category, 26% emphasized the importance of AI in delivering personalized and relevant customer experiences, reflecting the current trend of hyper-personalization in marketing.

Business priorities in generative AI

For companies seeking to capitalize on generative AI, the survey results offer valuable insights. A significant 19% believe that the primary purpose of AI should be to improve product quality, while 17% emphasize the importance of enhancing employee efficiency and ease of use.

Interestingly, older generations are less enthusiastic about AI, with 26% of Gen X and older consumers prioritizing the establishment of guardrails to ensure responsible AI use, compared to only 15% of younger consumers. Additionally, just 24% of the older generation believe that product quality should be the top priority.

The rise of younger consumers

Suzanne Steele, Adobe’s Vice President and Managing Director for the UK and Ireland, highlighted the importance of catering to the expectations of younger consumers. With their increasing spending power and influence on public opinion, businesses must align with the preferences of Gen Z and Millennials while also ensuring responsible AI use.

Professionals embrace generative AI

Marketing and customer experience professionals are equally optimistic about the potential of generative AI tools like Midjourney, ChatGPT, and Adobe Firefly. A staggering 94% of professionals intend to incorporate generative AI into their future work, and 79% are already leveraging generative AI alongside customer experience tools. In the ever-competitive business landscape, no one wants to be left behind.

Benefits of AI for businesses

According to the survey, businesses are reaping numerous benefits from generative AI. A resounding 89% of respondents stated that AI technology helps them create better content and more personalized experiences for their customers. An equally impressive 87% believe that AI assists them in generating more content, and an equivalent number use AI to identify and optimize customer journeys.

While AI in art may continue to generate controversy, Gen Z and Millennials are wholeheartedly embracing AI in the business landscape. They see AI as a catalyst for creativity, innovation, and improved customer experiences. As businesses scramble to stay competitive, they must heed the preferences of these younger generations while navigating the evolving terrain of responsible AI usage. With the potential to enhance products, streamline operations, and create more engaging content, generative AI is poised to shape the future of business for years to come.

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