GameFi community pleads for regulatory relief in Japan


  • Stricter regulations hinder Japan’s GameFi growth, demanding regulatory balance.
  • Collaboration between government and GameFi crucial for Japan’s crypto liquidity.
  • Japan’s evolving stance on crypto reflects shifting attitudes toward innovation.

Representatives from Japan‘s burgeoning blockchain gaming community have approached the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) with urgent concerns regarding liquidity in the country’s crypto asset market. 

The move comes amidst fears that stringent regulations are stifling growth and hampering the flourishing GameFi ecosystem.

Japanese GameFi sector appeals to lawmakers 

Ryo Matsubara, director of Oasys, a prominent GameFi blockchain platform, spearheaded the delegation to the LDP’s digital society promotion headquarters. Matsubara conveyed the anxieties of Japanese blockchain gaming projects regarding the current regulatory landscape, particularly emphasizing the adverse impact of liquidity constraints.

While acknowledging recent legislative efforts aimed at facilitating startup operations, Matsubara highlighted the detrimental effects of overly strict regulations on liquidity. He underscored how such constraints directly impede the growth and vibrancy of Japan’s GameFi ecosystem.

Matsubara advocated for regulatory measures that incentivize safe investment in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. He asserted that fostering a conducive regulatory environment could lead to a significant surge in liquidity, attracting more participants to the market.

Japan’s evolving stance on crypto

Expressing commitment to collaboration with the government, Oasys aims to ensure Japan’s competitiveness in the global Web3 market. Matsubara emphasized Japan’s rich gaming heritage and its potential to reclaim a leading position in the Web3 landscape if liquidity concerns are addressed effectively.

Japan‘s attitude toward crypto adoption has evolved in recent years, transitioning from skepticism to cautious acceptance. The government’s willingness to explore opportunities within the Web3 industry reflects a broader acknowledgment of the transformative potential of blockchain technologies.

Government initiatives to foster innovation

In a bid to spur innovation, the Japanese government has considered initiatives to facilitate crypto asset issuance by startups. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has reaffirmed Japan’s commitment to nurturing the Web3 sector, recognizing its capacity to revolutionize the internet and drive societal change.

However, regulatory challenges persist, with the Financial Services Agency (FSA) and the National Police Agency (NPA) advocating for measures to safeguard users against illicit activities in the crypto market. Recent directives from these agencies have raised concerns about the potential impact on peer-to-peer transactions and overall market liquidity.

Heightened scrutiny on crypto transactions

One such measure involves heightened scrutiny of crypto transfers, with banks urged to halt transactions to exchange service providers if the sender’s name does not match the account name. While aimed at enhancing security and compliance, these measures risk exacerbating liquidity issues in Japan‘s crypto ecosystem.

As Japan navigates the complexities of regulating its crypto market, stakeholders from the GameFi community stress the importance of striking a balance between fostering innovation and ensuring regulatory compliance. 

Collaborative efforts between industry players and policymakers will be crucial in addressing liquidity concerns and unlocking the full potential of Japan’s burgeoning Web3 sector.

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