FTX wins approval to sell its Grayscale and Bitwise trust assets


  • FTX has been approved by the court to sell its trust assets in Grayscale and Bitwise.
  • Galaxy’s role in the exchange’s recovery.

FTX estate has received approval from a Delaware bankruptcy court to sell trust assets, including approximately $873 million worth of shares in Grayscale and Bitwise investment funds. The court document filed on Friday allows the debtors to execute sales of the trust assets at their discretion, following specified sale procedures. Galaxy, a crypto investment firm, has also been granted an expanded mandate to assist FTX in the sales of its trust assets.

FTX approved to sell over $800 shares

FTX had earlier enlisted Galaxy to manage its extensive digital asset holdings. As of October 25, FTX’s trust assets comprised shares in various Grayscale funds, such as the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) and a Bitwise crypto index fund, valued at $744 million, according to a court document filed on November 3. However, considering the narrowing discount of GBTC to its net asset value amid the recent Bitcoin rally, FTX’s trust holdings could now be valued at around $873 million. This appreciation of approximately 17% since October 25 aligns with the overall surge in cryptocurrency prices over the past month.

Once a leading global trading platform under the leadership of Sam Bankman-Fried, the firm faced bankruptcy in November of the previous year following a CoinDesk report exposing the precarious financial state of FTX’s sister trading firm, Alameda Research. The court’s approval to sell trust assets marks a significant development in the firm’s ongoing efforts to navigate its financial challenges and recover from bankruptcy. The authorization granted by the court empowers FTX to use its reasonable business judgment in executing the sales of trust assets.

The specified sale procedures serve as guidelines for this process, providing a framework for decision-making. The involvement of Galaxy, a reputable crypto investment firm, further underscores the firm’s commitment to strategically managing its digital asset holdings and maximizing value from the trust assets. The breakdown of its trust assets reveals a substantial holding in Grayscale funds, with notable investments in GBTC and a Bitwise crypto index fund.

Galaxy’s role in the exchange’s recovery

The evolving value of these holdings, influenced by the dynamic cryptocurrency market, exemplifies the volatility and potential profitability associated with digital asset investments. FTX’s decision to engage Galaxy for assistance in asset sales reflects a proactive approach to leverage expertise in navigating the complexities of the crypto market. The court’s decision to expand Galaxy’s mandate emphasizes the importance of collaboration in executing the sales of trust assets.

Galaxy’s role in managing the firm’s digital asset holdings positions the firm as a key player in the ongoing restructuring efforts. The expanded mandate likely includes a broader scope of responsibilities, allowing Galaxy to contribute significantly to optimizing the value extraction from FTX’s trust assets. FTX’s journey from being one of the world’s largest trading platforms to facing bankruptcy underscores the challenges inherent in the volatile and rapidly evolving cryptocurrency industry.

The revelation of financial instability within its ecosystem, particularly with Alameda Research, led to a series of events culminating in the bankruptcy filing. The subsequent efforts to sell trust assets signify a strategic move to address financial obligations and chart a path toward recovery. The valuation of FTX’s trust assets at approximately $873 million highlights the potential upside amid the recent resurgence in cryptocurrency prices. The narrowing discount of GBTC to its net asset value is a positive indicator, contributing to the increased overall value of FTX’s trust holdings.

This market-driven appreciation aligns with the broader trend of cryptocurrency valuations experiencing a notable uptick over the past month. FTX’s approval to sell trust assets, coupled with Galaxy’s expanded mandate, signifies a pivotal phase in the cryptocurrency exchange’s post-bankruptcy journey. The strategic management of trust assets, especially in prominent investment funds like Grayscale, reflects FTX’s commitment to navigating the complexities of the crypto market. As FTX continues to reposition itself and recover from past challenges, the collaboration with Galaxy and the evolving valuation of trust assets underscores the resilience and adaptability required in the dynamic landscape of digital assets.

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