FTX, Alameda-linked wallets move $38m more in assets


  • FTX and Alameda Research have transferred an additional $38.5 million worth of assets to exchanges, with $31.2 million in SOL.
  • Since November 8, a total of $350 million over 36 assets have been moved.
  • They are allowed to sell off tokens in weekly batches, with $50 million the first week and $100 million in subsequent weeks.

In the continuing aftermath of the FTX saga, the crypto community’s gaze fixates once more as a fresh wave of asset movements rattles the already turbulent waters.

Spot On Chain reports that FTX and Alameda Research-linked addresses have set in motion a transfer of 7 different assets, aggregating a staggering $38.5 million, to various exchanges, with a significant $31.2 million portion in SOL.

These latest transfers are but a piece of a larger puzzle, with the cumulative transactions since November 8 totaling an eye-watering $350 million over 36 assets.

A Calculated Disbursement

As the digital dust settles, the nuances of the FTX and Alameda saga draw a clearer picture of a strategic asset liquidation. According to recently outlined permissions, these entities are sanctioned to dispense their tokens in controlled weekly batches.

The inaugural week observes a ceiling of $50 million, escalating to $100 million in the subsequent weeks.

However, this comes with a catch for the market’s titans, BTC and ETH; a notice period extending 10 days is mandatory before any sale, a courtesy extended to the creditor’s committee, ad hoc committee, and the U.S. Trustee.

This deliberate pace serves as a check against market disruption and a nod towards transparency for those caught in the financial maelstrom left by FTX’s implosion.

From Silicon Valley to Courtroom: A Tale of Descent

Rewind to the events culminating in the fall of FTX, a narrative that saw its dramatic turning point in November 2022 with the conviction of Sam Bankman-Fried, the former golden boy of crypto, on several counts, including fraud.

His recent conviction marks an unceremonious finale to what was a meteoric rise and fall in the crypto space.

This outcome paints a stark contrast to the more personable image of Sam, as recounted by his former executive assistant, Natalie Tien, who stood by him throughout the trial, not out of allegiance to FTX, but in search of closure and understanding of the convoluted events that transpired.

The juxtaposition of the mastermind and the buffoon as portrayed by the prosecution and defense, respectively, does little to soothe the sting for those like Tien, who have not only lost financial assets but also the idealistic image of a boss who strived to be different from the corporate moguls.

A Strategic Response to Bankruptcy

The shattered empire of FTX, amid its chaotic deconstruction, sees its debtors turning to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court of Delaware with a plea for the green light to liquidate some trust assets, essentially funds of Grayscale and Bitwise valued close to three-quarters of a billion dollars.

CoinDesk’s coverage of this development sheds light on the debtors’ intent to ready for looming distributions to creditors in the form of U.S. currency. This legal maneuver would empower the debtors with the flexibility required to sell these trust assets opportunistically.

This legal proposition echoes the sentiment of prudence, signaling a move to shield the trust assets from the volatile tempest that is the crypto market, thus safeguarding their value.

It’s a gambit aiming to strike a delicate balance between minimizing potential losses and maximizing creditor returns, all while paving the way towards a reorganization plan poised to distribute the remnants of FTX’s once-sprawling empire as equitably as possible.

This unfolding narrative is more than a tale of assets in motion; it’s a testament to the tenacity of those entwined with the FTX narrative, who seek to extract order from the chaos.

As the digital ledgers continue to unfurl their stories, the crypto world watches with bated breath, awaiting the next chapter in this cautionary tale of ambition, downfall, and the pursuit of resolution.

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