Meta, Hugging Face, and Scaleway Join Forces to Support Open Source AI


  • Meta, Hugging Face, and Scaleway unite to boost open-source AI in France.
  • AI Startup Program” offers mentoring, tools, and computing power.
  • The collaboration aims to democratize ethical AI and drive innovation.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Meta, Hugging Face, and Scaleway have come together to launch the “AI Startup Program.” This initiative is designed to accelerate the adoption of open-source artificial intelligence solutions within the French entrepreneurial ecosystem. With the proliferation of foundation models and generative artificial intelligence models, the program aims to bring the economic and technological benefits of open, state-of-the-art models to the French ecosystem.

Accelerating AI innovation in France

Located at STATION F in Paris, the world’s largest startup campus, and with the support of the HEC incubator, the program will support five startups in the acceleration phase, from January to June 2024. A panel of experts from Meta, Hugging Face, and Scaleway will select projects based on open foundation models and/or their willingness to integrate these models into their products and services.

Technical mentoring by FAIR experts

Startups will benefit from technical mentoring by researchers, engineers, and PhD students from FAIR, Meta’s artificial intelligence research laboratory. This hands-on guidance will be instrumental in refining their AI solutions.

Access to hugging face’s platform and tools

Hugging Face, a leading open source community-driven platform for machine learning models and tools will provide startups with access to their platform and tools. This invaluable resource will enable them to leverage Hugging Face’s expertise in AI.

Scaleway’s computing power

Scaleway, the European cloud leader for AI infrastructures, will offer startups access to powerful computing resources. For startups working in AI, access to computing power is essential, and Scaleway is poised to provide the resources they need to succeed.

Beyond language models

In addition to large language models (LLMs), startups participating in the program will also have the opportunity to draw on foundation and research models in the field of image and sound processing. This broader scope ensures that a wide range of AI-focused startups can benefit from the program.

Application details

Applications for the “AI Startup Program” are open until December 1, 2023. Startups interested in harnessing the power of open source AI technology bricks and receiving comprehensive support from industry leaders should not miss this opportunity.

Pioneering open innovation

Meta, Hugging Face, and Scaleway are pioneers in the realm of open source AI. Meta has been actively contributing to the development of artificial intelligence using an open and collaborative approach for over a decade. Their FAIR fundamental research laboratory, based in Paris, has published more than 1,000 open source models and tools, including Llama2, DINOv2, and AudioCraft. This program represents a continuation of Meta’s commitment to open innovation and support for the French ecosystem.

Democratizing ethical AI

Hugging Face, a leading advocate for open-source AI, views this collaboration as a cornerstone in democratizing ethical AI. They have demonstrated that building a successful startup is possible by embracing open source principles. Hugging Face’s CEO, Clément Delangue is hopeful that the next generation of startups will emerge from this program, further advancing the cause of ethical AI.

Scaleway’s commitment to innovation

Scaleway, as the European leader in AI-focused cloud infrastructures, recognizes the crucial role of computing power in AI innovation. They are excited to contribute actively to this ecosystem and ensure that startups have the resources they need to succeed. Innovation is ingrained in Scaleway’s DNA, making their involvement in this program a natural fit.

Game-changing collaboration

This collaboration between Meta, Hugging Face, and Scaleway marks a significant milestone in the world of AI startups. The collective expertise and resources brought to the table are expected to have a game-changing impact on the open source AI community. STATION F, the host of this initiative, also sees this as a pivotal moment, with Meta leading the way alongside Hugging Face and Scaleway.

The “AI Startup Program” represents a concerted effort by industry leaders to foster open source AI innovation in France. It offers startups a unique opportunity to access mentoring, platforms, and computing power that are vital for their success. With Meta’s commitment to open innovation, Hugging Face’s dedication to open source AI, and Scaleway’s expertise in AI-focused cloud infrastructure, this collaboration is poised to drive significant advancements in the field of artificial intelligence.

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