Finhaven plans to lead the crypto and capital markets

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• The technology company Finhaven presents its token called FinToken.
• FinToken will allow buying and selling cryptosecurities using crypto

Finhaven is a Canadian platform dedicated to financial service and technology and is based in Vancouver. The company has revolutionized the crypto market with its new token called FinToken, allowing it to buy, exchange and sell crypto securities using crypto.

The company’s goal is to revolutionize the global financial market and achieve efficient monetary flows between countries. For many years, the capital and crypto markets have functioned side-by-side but without connecting them. Some projects have sought to link the two markets and have not had good results.

Finhaven ecosystem and its new token


Finhaven Private Market’s goal is a project to unite capital and crypto markets. It is a platform that acts as a means for people to carry out operations in the financial market using digital currencies. The technology and financial services company claims that the platform can become a leading financial ecosystem in adopting crypto assets if this project succeeds.

The Canadian company has a capital market platform based on digital securities and distributed technology (DLT). This ecosystem functions as a cryptocurrency exchange market and defends crypto exchanges and the financial markets of the world.

​​This company is to develop an effective, safe, innovative, and efficient private market. Finhaven guarantees that all operations are carried out in real-time, and there are no clearing agencies. But with blockchain adoption, depositories and financial custodians are eliminated.

Cryptocurrency investors could not sell or buy digital securities with cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. The platform wanted to connect both markets and has developed FinToken. With this token, all cryptocurrency holders will buy and sell crypto securities with digital currencies.

The best bridge between both markets

FinToken will be a bridge that will connect both markets, interconnecting crypto securities with cryptocurrencies. All investors can carry out their transactions more simply and easily. In addition, they will not need intermediaries.

All holders who have accounts with Finhaven can carry out operations to buy and sell digital securities without having inorganic money; they can do so with cryptocurrencies. All users can keep the token and other cryptocurrencies safe in the FinWallet wallet. It will have a private key for safe and secure access.

The FinWallet wallet works as an intermediary to have different cryptocurrencies; it will be a meeting point to access different accounts of digital currencies.

When this process is done, the holders can go to the Finhaven platform and see the usable digital values ​​in the different distributors in the market. When users buy this token, they must convert them to fiat again to acquire digital securities.

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