Solarisbank KYC and Coinbase join forces to offer secure access to the crypto economy

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• Solisbank stands out for being one of the best platforms with KYC technology in Europe.
Coinbase includes the Bankident solution for all its clients in Germany.

The Fintech service platform that works from Berlin in Germany, Solarisbank, announces that it will be working with the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. The North American crypto website is distinguished by offering its trade and investment services with the most demanded virtual assets of the moment.

The Coinbase entry into virtual commerce gave retail and institutional users a safe, easy-to-use, and regulated platform for cryptocurrencies. The platform has been of great help to novice and professional investors looking to make money from cryptocurrencies.

Solarisbank and Coinbase promise crypto market renewal


Coinbase has been a force in the virtual marketplace and inspires customer-focused products. The Solarisbank CEO, Delia Konig, is proud to have signed a pact with Coinbase to help them identify users.

Konig will try to make his work team comply with the standards required by the crypto exchange so that society lasts.

Solarisbank will include its “KYC” platform within the crypto exchange to complete an automatic and rapid identification. The company with KYC technology has gained fame in Berlin, and many companies have requested its virtual support.

Solarisbank offers various services for virtual identification using its integrated ResTful API platform. This KYC company closely follows all anti-money laundering regulations, making it a potential agent for various companies. Solarisbank also offers the standard services such as video detection and Bankident technology that its developers created.

One technology that most caught the attention of Coinbase developers was Bankident. This KYC solution does not require a face-to-face interconnection with physical agents; the crypto platform can have a simpler, more scalable, and limitless detection method. But Bankident does not forget Germany’s restrictions against money laundering, making it a perfect KYC solution.

Bankident method an identification solution

Solarisbank’s Bankident method may be the identity detection solution that Coinbase needs on its platform. This solution is 100% virtual and works 24 hours a day throughout the week, giving the cryptocurrency exchange greater security.

Sancha Rangoonwala, cryptocurrency platform manager in Germany, thinks it is convenient to ask Solarisbank for help with its KYC solutions. The virtual identification company has the experience of working hand in hand with Coinbase and obtaining the best results.

Rangoonwala clarifies that needed only one application programming interface to include various services from the German detection company. The crypto platform agent has officially announced that users in Germany will have access to this new KYC technology.

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