Filecoin mainnet launch to boost Web 3.0 apps

Filecoin mainnet launch to boost Web apps
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  • Filecoin Mainnet launch for Web 3.0 applications.
  • No disruption or miners protest experienced during Filecoin Mainnet launch.
  • Social media are compatible with the Web 3.0 applications.

Blockchain-based data storage network Filecoin announced its mainnet launch of Web 3.0 based applications. Initial setbacks related to miners protests on Filecoin’s economic model had delayed the project. The decentralized network has enabled social networks and applications like video streaming that previously were present in the Web 2.0 interface.

Filecoin mainnet launch

Juan Benet, Chief Executive Office of Protocol Labs, applauded Filecoin’s efforts to facilitate mainstream applications like video streaming to work with Web 3.0 interface that was not previously compatible.  Filecoin has expanded the web 3.0 horizon with its blockchain project.

Benet explaining the failed attempts to integrate large applications to Web 3.0, emphasized the slowdown of centralization as a major hurdle. With Filecoin mainnet launch storing larger datasets on a decentralized network is a broad possibility and called it an interesting utilization of the blockchain protocol.

Cryptocurrency miners

Mentioning the cryptocurrency mining industry’s concentration solely in China and Filecoin being on the same page, Benet predicts other countries holding a share of this market niche as the demand for data mining increases with similar decentralized projects launching soon.

Benet denied all reports claiming Chinese miner’s strikes against Filecoin mainnet and assured that operations have been running smoothly, and no glitches in data storage have been reported from testnet to mainnet transition.

Sensity, an online intelligence platform focused on identifying visual threats reported a whooping 49,000 deepfake videos by mid-year, which is a massive three times high since July last year. Being able to corroborate authentic information has become increasingly critical in the current digital world. 

Misleading information has been an existential obstacle to growth, however, in the current times the problem has aggravated to a new degree and it is imperative to build human and technological systems that curb its intensity Benet added.

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