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  • Tokyo Fan Festival announces 2024 Dawntrail expansion with new jobs and Female Hrothgar race.
  • Explore Tural, face battles, and raids in the expansion, with Cosmic Exploration ahead.
  • Game updates include graphics, systems, and Gold Saucer content for all players.

The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Tokyo has been a buzz of excitement for fans of the beloved MMORPG, with the keynote presentation unveiling a slew of exciting updates and additions. 

Director Naoki Yoshida and the development team shared a glimpse of the upcoming Dawntrail expansion, which promises to usher in a new era for the game. 

Among the highlights were the full Dawntrail trailer, the introduction of a new job called Pictomancer, and a first look at the Female Hrothgar playable race in action.

Dawntrail expansion: A summer 2024 adventure

The highly anticipated Dawntrail expansion is set to be released in summer 2024, promising players a thrilling new chapter in the world of Final Fantasy XIV. The expansion will take players to the distant land of Tural, located far to the west of Eorzea. 

With a fresh storyline and exciting challenges on the horizon, Dawntrail aims to deliver an unforgettable summer adventure for heroes and adventurers alike.

Dawntrail introduces two new jobs for players to master. While Viper had been previously announced, the fan festival unveiled the unique Pictomancer job. Pictomancer is a magical ranged DPS job that wields a paintbrush and an array of vibrant colors to defeat foes. 

This visually captivating job allows players to use their artistic skills to create landscapes, shapes, and other forms of art as abilities, resulting in a wide range of creative attacks, weapon conjurations, creature summonings, and more. To access these exciting new jobs, players will need to purchase the Dawntrail expansion.

Final Fantasy XIV Updates for all

Even for those who may not be diving into the Dawntrail expansion right away, there are plenty of updates to look forward to. The game will receive major graphical enhancements, system updates, and new content for the Gold Saucer. These updates will help keep the game fresh and exciting for both new and veteran players.

One of the standout additions to Final Fantasy XIV is the introduction of the Female Hrothgar playable race. Following the inclusion of Male Hrothgar during the Shadowbringers expansion, this new addition will offer players the opportunity to experience the game from a fresh perspective. 

Female Hrothgars are described as having lithe, muscular forms, and a predisposition for leadership. They are set to become the final race to be added to the game, although Director Naoki Yoshida hinted that the door may remain open for future additions.

Exploring tural: New areas and adventures

Tural, the new region in the Dawntrail expansion, is poised to offer players a wealth of exploration opportunities. Players will be guided by a female Hrothgar and introduced to the thrilling contest for succession as the ruler of Tuliyollal, a massive city located at the crossroads of northern and southern Tural. This contest could potentially test the bonds between players and lead to conflict and disagreements.

In addition to Tuliyollal, players can look forward to exploring Solution Nine, a city characterized by towering facades constructed by a different civilization than that of Tuliyollal. Another intriguing area is Heritage Found, where lightning energies and thunderclouds dominate the landscape day and night, illuminated by streaks of purple levin.

Final Fantasy XIV fans can anticipate thrilling battles with the arrival of new challenges and raids in Dawntrail. Valigarmanda, The Eliminator, and the Barreltender will put players’ skills to the test. 

The Arcadion, an 8-player raid, will take place in Solution Nine, while the Alliance Raid, Echoes of Vana’Diel, is a crossover event with Final Fantasy XI, pitting players against the formidable Shadow Lord. For those seeking the ultimate challenge, the Eden: Futures Rewritten Ultimate Raid will transport players back to Eden and present them with intriguing “what-if” scenarios involving Ryne and Gaia.

Cosmic exploration: A new frontier

Fans of the Island Sanctuary will be delighted to hear about Cosmic Exploration, a new form of “lifestyle content” set to release after Dawntrail. This exciting addition will allow players to embark on interstellar adventures, visit other planets, and uncover mysteries beyond the realm of Eorzea.

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