Apex Legends’ Final Fantasy Trailer Raises Concerns Among Players

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  • Apex Legends’ Final Fantasy trailer controversy: Players question AI art.
  • In-house artists are overlooked in Apex Legends’ Final Fantasy trailer.
  • Despite the AI art debate, the event launches on Jan 9 with special skins.

In a recent Reddit thread dated January 7, Apex Legends players expressed dissatisfaction with the launch trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy collaboration event, citing elements of potentially AI-generated art that appeared distorted and out of place. 

While Respawn Entertainment has not officially confirmed the use of AI in the trailer’s art, it has ignited a debate within the gaming community about the role of artificial intelligence in creative industries, particularly in animation and art.

Questionable artwork sparks debate

The controversy surrounding the Apex Legends’ Final Fantasy collaboration trailer centers on several visuals featured in the promotional material. Players took to Reddit to share screenshots from the trailer, circling elements they believe do not align with authentic artistry and displaying signs of distortion often associated with AI-generated content. 

This has raised concerns among the gaming community, with players questioning the authenticity and creativity behind the trailer’s art.

One player voiced their concern, stating, “This shit is already hitting the animation industry with execs openly and gleefully talking about how they can’t wait to replace artists with AI.” The utilization of artificial intelligence in art has been a contentious topic, with potential consequences for the job market and creative industries. 

The issue even led to the SAG-AFTRA strike in September 2023, as artists and actors protested the growing use of AI in content creation.

Criticism aimed at Apex Legends developers

Many Apex Legends players were frustrated with the developers for their perceived lack of attention to detail in the collaboration trailer. Some players expressed surprise that the developers did not consult their in-house artists, who have expertise in creating visually stunning content. 

One player remarked, “They have in-house artists from Respawn and other EA studios. Couldn’t ask any of them to AT LEAST retouch the images?”

While the inclusion of AI-generated art remains unconfirmed by Respawn Entertainment, the backlash suggests that the gaming community expects high creativity and authenticity in promotional materials, especially for collaborations with renowned franchises like Final Fantasy.

Square Enix’s influence and AI support

One argument made by some players is that Respawn Entertainment may have had limited control over the art direction due to their collaboration with Final Fantasy developer Square Enix. Takashi Kiryu, the CEO of Square Enix, recently expressed support for using AI in game development and publishing, hinting at the company’s embrace of artificial intelligence technologies.

The combination of Square Enix’s stance on AI and the potential for creative control in collaborations may have influenced the artistic choices in the Apex Legends’ Final Fantasy collaboration trailer. However, this has not appeased players expecting a more authentic and artistically driven experience.

Apex Legends’ Final Fantasy event details

Despite the controversy surrounding the collaboration trailer, Apex Legends’ Final Fantasy event is set to launch on January 9, offering players a range of exciting features. This event promises special skins, a limited-time game mode, and more, allowing players to immerse themselves in the world of Final Fantasy within the Apex Legends universe.

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