Decentralized crypto exchange FixedFloat confirms $26 million hack


  • FixedFloat exchange was hacked and lost $26 million in Bitcoin and Ether, leaving users unable to access funds.
  • Exchange confirms the hack and promises to improve security and investigate further.
  • The incident underscores ongoing security risks in crypto and highlights the need for stronger safeguards against hackers.

In a recent turn of events, FixedFloat, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, has acknowledged a significant security breach resulting in the theft of approximately $26 million worth of Bitcoin and Ether. 

Users began reporting stalled transactions and fund losses as early as February 17, prompting concerns among the exchange’s community.

Confirmation of hack and response

After widespread complaints surfaced on social media platforms like X (previously Twitter), the FixedFloat team confirmed the security breach. Initially, the team attributed the disruption to minor technical issues, but as the magnitude of the outflows became apparent, the exchange entered maintenance mode. 

On February 18, it was observed that over 1,728 Ether (ETH) valued at around $5 million and over 409 Bitcoin (BTC) worth approximately $21 million had been siphoned off to suspicious addresses. Concurrently, users attempting to access the exchange’s website received an error message on all pages.

In an official statement, FixedFloat addressed the situation: “We confirm that there was indeed a hack and theft of funds. We are not yet ready to comment publicly on this matter, as we are working to eliminate all possible vulnerabilities, improve security, and investigate. Our service will be available again soon. We will provide details on this case a little later.”

Impact and response efforts

The hack underscores the inherent risks associated with decentralized exchanges and highlights the ongoing challenges in ensuring the security of digital assets. 

FixedFloat, known for its automated trading platform that eschews Know Your Customer (KYC) verifications and user registration, attracts a significant portion of its traffic from the US, accounting for approximately 26% of website visitors. 

The exchange’s integration with the Lightning Network for Bitcoin transactions adds another layer of complexity to the security landscape.

As the investigation unfolds, efforts are underway to address vulnerabilities and bolster security measures. However, the incident raises concerns regarding the efficacy of existing security protocols within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, particularly as hackers continue to exploit vulnerabilities for financial gain.

Broader implications and industry trends

The hack at FixedFloat comes amidst a backdrop of increasing cyber threats targeting cryptocurrency projects. Notably, the Solana ecosystem has faced challenges with scam-as-a-service markets offering tools capable of executing bit-flip attacks, compromising the integrity of transactions. 

Furthermore, industry analysts predict a resurgence in ransomware payments in 2023, with a focus on infrastructure and high-profile organizations. A recent study highlights the lucrative nature of supply chain attacks, with criminals, ranging from individuals to organized syndicates, netting over $1 billion in illicit gains last year alone.

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