Evernode (EVERS) Reschedules Mainnet Launch for January 2024

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  • Evernode (EVERS), a layer-2 protocol on the XRP Ledger, has rescheduled its mainnet launch to January 15, 2024, following the significant interest generated by its recent airdrop campaign.
  • The launch delay coincides with the release of the Xumm update with Xahau support on December 18, allowing the community adequate time to adapt to new functionalities and setting the stage for a seamless transition to the Evernode ecosystem.

Evernode (EVERS), the layer-2 protocol on the XRP Ledger (XRPL), has recently announced a change in its launch timeline, moving the mainnet launch to January 15, 2024. The adjustment follows the substantial buzz created by its airdrop campaign and is strategically aligned with the upcoming release of the Xumm update, which includes support for the Xahau network. The delay is a calculated move to ensure that the Evernode ecosystem is robust and fully prepared for a seamless launch.

Originally, the company’s team had planned to roll out the mainnet by the end of 2023. However, considering the complexity of integrating new features and ensuring a smooth transition for users, the decision was made to postpone the launch. The delay allows the community ample time to familiarize themselves with the Xumm update and its new functionalities, including the ability to import r-addresses and establish trustlines for Evers. The updated timeline also circumvents the holiday season, providing the community with a distraction-free period to engage with the new features.

Xumm update and community preparation

The release of the Xumm update, scheduled for December 18, is a critical precursor to the launch. The update, which has been long-awaited by the XRPL community, will provide the essential tools required for users to transition smoothly to the Evernode protocol. Once the update is live, users will have the necessary means to manage their r-addresses and set up trustlines for Evers, an important step in participating in the Evernode ecosystem.

The integration of the Xahau support into the Xumm application represents a significant advancement in the XRPL landscape. The Xahau DEX, which is at the core of the integration, offers users a more expansive and flexible platform for digital asset management and trading. The delay in the Evernode launch gives the community a critical period to download the Xumm update, get accustomed to interacting with Xahau, and understand the nuances of setting up an Evers trustline. By providing the buffer, Evernode ensures that users are not rushed into the new system and have sufficient time to adapt to the changes.

Evernode’s airdrop strategy and plans

Evernode conducted a massive airdrop aimed at XRPL holders, marking a pivotal moment in the project’s timeline. The airdrop was designed to facilitate the transition of XRPL holders to the Xahau network, with a substantial allocation of 5,160,960 EVERS distributed among registered addresses on the network. The strategic distribution of EVERS is intended to stimulate the flow of the token within the community, aligning holders who are interested in actively participating in the Evernode ecosystem.

The future of Evernode looks promising, with several initiatives in the pipeline to enhance the launch. The team is committed to continuous upgrades and is working on various enhancements to bolster the protocol’s capabilities. In addition to the mainnet launch, Evernode is also focusing on securing a potential listing of Evers on a Centralized Exchange (CEX). Such a listing would increase the visibility and accessibility of Evers, providing additional liquidity and trading opportunities for the community.

Earlier the year, an independent XRPL developer published the first Evernode standard proposal, highlighting the community’s efforts to enhance node functionality on HotPocket. The proposal is part of the broader vision to augment the XRPL ecosystem, making it more robust and versatile. As Evernode gears up for its launch in January 2024, it is poised to play a significant role in the evolution of the XRPL landscape, contributing to the growth and diversification of the decentralized finance space.


The rescheduling of Evernode’s mainnet launch is a strategic decision aimed at ensuring a comprehensive and user-friendly rollout of the protocol. By aligning the launch with the release of the Xumm update and considering the holiday season, Evernode is positioning itself for a successful introduction to the XRPL community. The airdrop campaign and ongoing developments further demonstrate Evernode’s commitment to creating a dynamic and innovative ecosystem on the XRPL. As the launch date approaches, there is growing anticipation for the new possibilities that Evernode will bring to the XRPL, marking a significant milestone in the advancement of decentralized finance on the ledger.

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