Ethereum vs Ripple; Traders choose ETH over XRP

ethreum vs ripple

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A Twitter account dubbed Blues tweeted a poll asking what the people were most interest in buying among Bitcoin Cash, XRP and Ethereum. The poll revealed that almost forty percent (40%) of people who voted wanted to invest in ethereum and thirty-three percent (33%) wanted to invest in XRP.

Bitcoin Cash, on the other hand, got only four percent (4%) votes with the rest of the twenty-percent (23%) audience settling for others.

As of now, Ethereum stands firm on the second position after bitcoin on the charts. This position is very unstable as Ethereum’s scalability issue might land it below the mark. Other coins like XRP, EOS, and others have their eyes set on the second position on the charts.

Crypto space is all a game of which coin is dominating the market. Bitcoin has been the top contender with over fifty-six percent (56%) market dominance. Ethereum comes next in line after Bitcoin, with over ten percent (10.9%) market dominance.

XRP follows narrowly after Ethereum, with over six percent (6.82%) market dominance. Because of the hierarchy in market dominance, investors get slightly biased.

This is why recently it was revealed that when investors were asked to choose between XRP and Ethereum, most investors chose Ethereum.

XRP is not doing bad on the crypto market in any way. After a five-month-long bearish trend, XRP came back in the market with an outstanding performance. This made it one of the top ten best performing cryptocurrencies on the market. Ripple’s xRapid and xCurrent are also worthy of note.

Ripple’s xCurrent is preferred over xRapid solely because it has the option of upgrading to new versions. XRP is still trying hard to cement its dominance in the market. Coinbase’s recent decision to allow XRP trading in New York City is going to help the coin. But despite the obvious efforts, investors still favor Ethereum over XRP.

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