Keit Pentus-Rosimannus: Estonia offers to track cryptocurrency with the US


TL;DR Breakdown 

  • Estonia is willing to offer expertise in controlling crypto to the US. 
  • The country’s existing structure encourages local and international trade. 

Estonia suggests sharing its expertise in controlling digital assets with its principal ally, the US. Keit Pentus-Rosimannus, Estonia’s financial chief, told Janet Yellen. The offer came via a conference call between the two on Friday. 

The leader stated. “In matters of security and fiscal aspects, the US is Estonia’s most significant ally. Thus, we place a great emphasis on partnering with them in the fight against money cleaning. So, this entails help on risk assessment tools.” 

“I made a proposal to the US Secretary of Treasury. To this effect, Estonia will issue its expertise to find best practices. We also talked on how we may work on FATF [Financial Action Task Force] execution. Besides, we explored how to apply cryptographic asset regulation.” 

The minister spoke following an online discussion with the US government official. The talk majored in Estonia’s offer for new cryptocurrency legislation. An avenue in which the country is willing to provide its expertise. 

Estonia processes a crypto bill

According to Keit, their state is now drafting a crypto bill to boost openness. Furthermore, the policy is meant to limit secrecy in digital asset operations. The activities touching BTC and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will be open. Besides, the draft rule will allow for more efficient crypto industry surveillance. 

“Most governments are searching for ideas in the area of digital assets. They are keen on how to allow the ballooning industry to thrive in a fair and investor-friendly way,” she said. 

“The Northern European country has identified the dangers of this industry at an initial point.” She continued, as per a cabinet media statement. “We are happy to see a more global approach in drawing the best techniques for handling these.” 

Monetary units would be subject to equal laws under the proposed changes. According to the leader, their country would be happy to share its expertise. “I told the US government official that we will share our expertise to find best practices. We also explored how to work together to adopt FATF guidelines and control cryptographic assets.” 

Estonia’s position on OECD

The duo also mentioned the OECD international tax accord. Estonia stated that debates on this should go together with the roll-out of virtual tax laws. Besides, there should be standardization of the policy. 

The EU’s review tax guideline conforms with the OECD accord. So, the country endorses it with a few exceptions. This is according to the cabinet. She stressed the importance of safeguarding Estonian businesses’ dreams and maintaining a taxation system that encourages trade and creativity. 

In October, Estonia reached an agreement to adopt the OECD agenda. 

Local entities and global firms’ fixed facilities pay 0% income tax in the country’s existing tax structure. This affects all reinvested and kept revenues. Yet, they pay 20% income tax on all transferred gains. 

This makes Estonia more appealing to trade and external investment. Moreso, through the e-Residency program. 

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