Estonia: Proposed laws will not ban crypto trading

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  • Estonia is amending its crypto laws to streamline the crypto industry.
  • The proposed draft doesn’t outlaw crypto trade in the country or ban citizens from ownership.
  • The authorities have recalled close to 2000 permits for crypto-related businesses.

Estonia has adopted laws aimed at improving the control of its crypto sector. The sector has grown thanks to social rules and economic conditions. The draft policy will impose harsher duties on service providers. Yet, it will still allow its customers to hold and trade cryptocurrencies.

The country’s governing branch has drafted and adopted crypto laws. The rules aim at “better regulating virtual asset service providers (VASPs).” Besides, the policy will reduce the danger of fraud by using crypto sites certified and running in the country.

They gave the proposed rules to the Estonian parliament as an amended draft law. The law compels VASPs to verify their clients in a manner that can link them to their activities.

Surge in permit acquisition due to crypto-friendly laws in Estonia

Estonia’s crypto-friendly policies drew a wave of permit applications. Thus, it made the state prohibit opening faceless digital accounts in 2020.

As per the treasury, people who own cryptos in a personal wallet not offered by a VASP will feel the bill’s effect. Besides, users are not obliged to disclose the login details to their bitcoin wallet. Moreover, there is no prohibition from owning and selling digital assets. Thus, vendors in the country are not permitted to offer pseudonyms or wallets.

As per the agency, the laws are comparable to those in place for money-transfer operations. The amendments incorporate the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) guidelines.

Estonia to increase the licensing charges for new crypto businesses

The necessity for firms to act or have a link to Estonia to get permits is a critical component of the rule. The existing law permits the sale of Estonia-licensed firms to outsiders. Thus, it is to blame for the surge in bids. The oversight of such firms has proven impossible. Officials have said that the state’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) will take charge. It will have the power to reject such requests under the new laws.

Also, due to the nature of operations, standard stock criteria for VASPs will go up from €12,000 to €125,000 or €350,000. The Estonian authorities think that raising the barrier will be an effect. For instance, the volume of defunct organizations would decrease. Besides, the treasury stated that certified VASPs’ mean annual profit is about 80 million euros.

Estonia declared it was working on new legislative measures in October. Matis Mäeker, the chief of the Financial Intelligence Unit, disclosed in a meeting. He noted that only one out of every ten certified crypto corporates has a bank account in Estonia. Thus, the agency is exploring suspending all permits issued earlier to re-authorize. The government had canceled roughly 2,000 permits of crypto-related businesses.

As the year unfolds, Estonians are waiting to see the effects of the legislation.

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