Esports Debuts at Asian Games in Hangzhou, Tickets in High Demand


  • Esports is set to make its debut as an official event at the upcoming Asian Games in Hangzhou.
  • Popular gaming titles like Arena of Valor and DOTA2 will be showcased.
  • The inclusion of esports potentially paves way for future Olympic recognition.

In a historic move, esports is set to make its debut as an official event at the upcoming Asian Games in Hangzhou. With the excitement building around this groundbreaking inclusion, the demand for tickets is soaring, making esports one of the most sought-after events in the Games. The Hangzhou Esports Centre will play host to this thrilling competition from September 24 to October 2, featuring a lineup of popular esports titles.

The inaugural esports events at the Asian Games have generated immense interest among fans and spectators. Tickets for esports events are expected to be the hottest commodity in town, with some of the highest prices in the Games. What sets esports apart from other sports in Hangzhou is the exclusive lottery system for ticket purchases. This unique approach aims to ensure fairness and equal opportunity for all enthusiasts wishing to attend these competitions.

Medal-worthy esports titles

Esports enthusiasts can look forward to witnessing intense battles and extraordinary skills in several prominent gaming titles. The esports lineup at the Asian Games includes:

Arena of Valor Asian Games Version: Kicking off the esports events, this popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game is sure to captivate fans with its high-energy gameplay.

DOTA2 Finals: Closing out the esports action, the DOTA2 finals promise to deliver epic clashes and showcase the strategic brilliance of the participating teams.

PUBG Mobile Asian Games Version: Fans of battle royale games will be treated to the thrilling action of PUBG Mobile, adapted for the Asian Games.

League of Legends: This iconic MOBA title will see top teams competing for glory, drawing in a global audience.

Dream Three Kingdoms 2: A strategy game set in ancient China, Dream Three Kingdoms 2 adds a unique flavor to the esports lineup.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition: Fighting game enthusiasts can anticipate fierce battles in Street Fighter V, with players vying for the championship title.

FIFA Online 4: Soccer fans can rejoice as FIFA Online 4 brings the excitement of virtual football to the forefront of the Asian Games.

A milestone for esports on the global stage

The inclusion of esports in a multi-sporting event of the magnitude of the Asian Games marks a significant milestone for the industry. It underscores the growing recognition of esports as a legitimate and highly competitive sport. Xia Hong, CEO of Perfect World, expressed optimism about the future of esports on the international stage, stating, “Being allowed into the Asiad is a milestone, which will not only help esports further integrate into large-scale sports competitions but also promote its popularization and standardization.”

The journey of esports onto the global sporting stage doesn’t end with the Asian Games. Earlier this year, Singapore hosted the first-ever Olympic esports week, signaling the interest of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in the world of esports. In a 2020 statement, IOC President Thomas Bach hinted at the possibility of esports becoming an Olympic discipline, saying, “Yes. It depends on when this day comes.”

As the IOC establishes a dedicated esports committee, the sport is poised for an even larger international platform. The Asian Games’ inclusion of esports is a significant step towards legitimizing and standardizing the sport, setting the stage for potential future Olympic recognition. As the countdown to the Asian Games continues, fans around the world eagerly await the esports action that will unfold at the Hangzhou Esports Centre.

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