Incoming New York Mayor roots for inclusion of crypto education in American schools


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TL; DR Breakdown

  • Incoming New York Mayor Eric Adams is championing the adoption of crypto education in American Schools. He calls cryptos the new medium of transactions.
  • Adams holds that crypto and blockchain tech have altered our thinking globally. Schools should therefore prepare students in alignment with that shift.

America should embrace cryptocurrency and blockchain (B.C.) education in its schools. That’s according to incoming Mayor Erick Adams.

Mr. Adams made that proposal during a November 7th interview with CNN. During that State of the Union discussion, he espoused the virtues of digital assets.

Adams termed cryptos the world’s new means of transacting. He added that B.C. tech and crypto assets had shifted our ways of thinking. As such, he urged schools to prepare their students to align to this change.

The Mayor-Elect also expressed surprise at the lack of crypto awareness among the youth. He held that many would wonder what Bitcoins (BTC) and B.C. were when he spoke about them.

Additionally, Adams revealed that he’d push for New Yorkers to accept crypto payments. That push wouldn’t be limited to BTC only but will embrace other cryptos too.

Furthermore, he said that his administration would tread carefully in pushing crypto adoption. That’s informed by the need to get that adoption right.

To him, New York ought to remain the epicenter of innovation. It should do so regardless of what that innovation is.

His comments have drawn mixed reactions

Adams’ comments have drawn support and condemnation from New Yorkers in equal measure. One Twitter user Nima Abed agrees with the Mayor Elect’s assertions.

He says that that’s something that needs to happen. Nima also insists that there’s a need to enter the market with an open mind. They also need to do so with sufficient knowledge.

But another user Karam is of an opposing view. He affirms that Adam’s thoughts aren’t feasible. 

To back his argument, Karam points to a broken education system. He says the government won’t fix it as it wants a 9-5 employee. It wouldn’t, therefore, teach the masses about crypto or how to make money.

Another user, InnocenceCapital, also dismisses Adams’ suggestion. He asserts that the school system should first teach other subjects successfully. 

He dismissed crypto as speculative garbage and insisted on the need to restore the gifted and talented programs.

Adams adds to Mayors willing to earn in BTC

Adams has stated that his administration intends to transform NYC into the U.S.’s crypto heartbeat. Further, in a different interview with Bloomberg, he revealed plans to develop city crypto like Miami’s.

The Mayor had earlier indicated his willingness to earn his pay in BTC. He was responding to Miami Mayor Francis Suarez’s tweet that he’d take his next paycheck in the crypto.

The incoming Mayor then tweeted that he’d take his first three checks in BTC. He’d alluded to NYC’s character of going big on things as a factor for his decision.

Recently there’s been an increase of public figures throwing their weight behind cryptos. U.S. Mayors have taken their support a notch higher by declaring their willingness to earn in BTC.

Mayor Suarez set the tone with his Twitter declaration. Adams has followed the cue. They’ve since been joined respectively by Mayors Scott Conger and Jane Castor of Jackson and Tampa Bay. 

They’ve all spoken of their intentions of transforming their cities into crypto hubs. They see crypto and BTC in particular as a hedge against inflation. 

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