Epic Games Store Welcomes ‘Shrapnel’: A Glimpse into the Future of Blockchain Gaming

Epic Games Store Welcomes 'Shrapnel': A Glimpse into the Future of Blockchain Gaming

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  • ‘Shrapnel,’ a blockchain-based, Call of Duty-style game, joins Epic Games Store, promising a revolutionary, customizable gaming experience with extensive community involvement.
  • Backed by substantial funding and a growing online community, ‘Shrapnel’ aims to reshape the gaming landscape, blending player-driven development with the potential of blockchain technology.



In a bold move that could reshape the landscape of online gaming, Epic Games Store has added ‘Shrapnel’, a Call of Duty-style crypto video game, to its collection. 

The addition marks a significant step in the world of blockchain gaming, with ‘Shrapnel’ joining the ranks of other high-profile early blockchain game releases like ‘Illuvium’ and ‘Star Atlas’ on the platform. As the competition among web3 video games heats up, ‘Shrapnel’s’ launch on the Epic Games Store could be a game-changer.

Shrapnel: A new frontier in gaming

Epic Games Store, boasting a staggering PC user base of over 230 million gamers, is setting the stage for what could be a transformative era in gaming. ‘Shrapnel’ enters the arena alongside renowned blockchain-powered titles such as ‘Star Atlas’ and ‘Illuvium’. These games, available in ‘early-access’ form, provide a unique opportunity for developers to build a community around a title while continuing to refine the gaming experience.

Neon Machine, the creative force behind the video game, has positioned the game as an “AAA first-person extraction shooter.” The studio, staffed by veterans from industry giants like Xbox and Electronic Arts, is on a mission to redefine gaming norms. Unlike traditional AAA game releases, ‘Shrapnel’ is taking a more inclusive approach, involving the gaming community at every step of its development. The approach is not just about building a game; it’s about crafting a world where players have a say in every element of the game’s universe, from character development to map creation.

Empowering players through customization

Neon Machine’s vision for ‘Shrapnel’ is not just about delivering high-octane gameplay. It’s about putting players in the driver’s seat, allowing them to customize every aspect of the game. The level of customization is unprecedented, from characters and weapons to in-game maps. Mark Long, the CEO of ‘Shrapnel’ and former head of HBO’s digital products group, emphasized the company’s commitment to delivering a blockbuster-quality AAA first-person shooter game, with the players guiding the journey.

The enthusiasm surrounding ‘Shrapnel’ is palpable. Despite the game being in its early stages of development, it has already garnered a robust online community, with over 100,000 members on Discord. The early interest is a testament to the potential of blockchain games to carve out a niche in the mainstream gaming industry, a sector that generates billions of dollars annually.

A financial and technological leap forward

In October, the ‘Shrapnel’ team successfully raised $20 million in Series A financing, with significant investments from industry heavyweights like Polychain Capital, Griffin Gaming Partners, Franklin Templeton, and Brevan Howard Digital. To date, the project has secured a total of $37.5 million in funding, a clear indication of the market’s confidence in the game’s potential.

Moreover, the native token for ‘Shrapnel’, known as Shrap, has already achieved a market capitalization of about $68 million. The financial milestone underscores the growing interest and belief in the future of blockchain gaming.

As ‘Shrapnel’ takes its place on the Epic Games Store, it’s not just introducing a new game to the world. It’s heralding a new era in gaming, where community involvement, customization, and blockchain technology converge to create experiences that are immersive, inclusive, and innovative. The future of gaming is here, and it’s taking shape in the form of ‘Shrapnel’.


‘Shrapnel’s’ launch on the Epic Games Store signifies a pivotal moment in the evolution of blockchain gaming. With its unique approach to community-driven development, extensive customization options, and strong financial backing, ‘Shrapnel’ is not just a game, but a beacon for the future of interactive entertainment, where player empowerment and technological innovation intersect to redefine what we expect from the gaming experience.

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