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Cryptocurrencies came out with a promise to revolutionize the way we transfer money. Even if they weren’t taken seriously initially, their popularity grew exponentially and now it seems it’s the main topic online. Still, they are far from stable and governments cannot make up their mind whether they want it or not. However, one thing is clear, a lot of people made a lot of money by buying and holding bitcoin. This is why purchasing cryptos is still a thing regardless of whether they are usable or not. 

Luckily, cryptocurrencies are way more versatile today compared to the past decade. One way you can use your digital currencies is by playing in an online casino. Nowadays, there are lots of platforms available in Canada that accept bitcoin, ethereum, or other digital currencies as means of payment. 

Of course, just because you can spend bitcoin playing casino games, doesn’t mean you should. After all, playing slots or poker isn’t exactly a strategy to save money, and the number one reason we purchase bitcoin is to sell it once it peaks. However, there are certain instances where it might be in your interest to actually use these blockchain payments to fund your account. Let’s see why you should use cryptos to gamble online. 

If You Love Gambling and Trade Crypto

One scenario where crypto casinos would make sense is if you own digital currency and love to gamble. Instead of selling them to the exchange, you can use them to fund your account and play. After all, you are going to pay or deposit funds, so why not use crypto. All you need is to find reliable Canada casino online platforms that accept this form of payment. Here you can find the platforms with massive game libraries, and with great welcome offers. Luckily there are a lot of options to choose from that are both licensed and have a massive user base. Furthermore, you get to reap all the benefits by transacting in this manner, and it won’t feel like you are spending your cryptocurrency just because you can. 

If You Are Not Entirely Sure Whether This Technology Will Survive

Although it’s true that blockchain is a revolutionary tech and that it can be an incredible improvement as far as payments go, there is still a lot of controversy surrounding it. One of the main concerns when it comes to these digital payments is the power consumption of this network. Blockchain is decentralized but all of those mining rigs are anything but eco-friendly. In fact, blockchain eats up more energy than certain countries, which is not a good thing. Right now the main topics covered in the media are regarding the environment. 

Meaning a lot of companies are trying to get onto that green agenda and appear more eco-friendly. Unfortunately, the majority of our electrical power doesn’t come from green sources. This is why blockchain gets a lot of criticism and it affects stability. So, if you are in two minds about what to do with all of your coins, you can test your luck in an online casino. 

Staying Anonymous 

One of the main advantages of relying on cryptocurrencies for payments is anonymity. You can play in a Canadian online casino and you won’t need to create an account. You will only rely on the URL and you won’t have to share your personal information with an operator. This is seen as a major boon especially today when companies are closely scrutinized for mismanagement of user information. 

Having the ability to stay anonymous is something a lot of gamblers appreciate nowadays. Especially if they are good at blackjack and casinos can deny them service, or if they want to keep their winnings a secret. 

Safe and Fast Way to Transact 

It’s also worth mentioning that this is the fastest and safest way to transfer funds. Although e-wallets and even card transfers don’t take long, they are still lagging behind compared to crypto transfers. So, players who want to deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts quickly tend to opt for this payment method. 

Access to Unique Games

Every branch of entertainment is forced to innovate and improve in order to stay relevant. Meaning they need to leverage new and emerging technologies in a way that makes their content more appealing. This is why we are seeing so many industries relying on VR, and why we see new video games that have to do with NFTs. 

As far as gambling goes, there are lots of innovations that extend beyond the casino setting. One such example is a bitcoin gambling MMORPG game like Dragon’s Tale. It’s a unique way to handle your digital coins and a unique way to gamble. You have an in-game avatar that needs to find different games within a virtual world, and you also have a chance to win real money. Basically, the in-game world is a unique take on an online casino, and only crypto users can access this game.  


Whether you love to gamble or not, being able to use cryptocurrency in an online casino is a good thing. It makes these currencies more relevant and that can impact their overall value and public perception. Moreover, it improves the user experience of online gambling enthusiasts and even opens up possibilities for different gameplay. 

Finally, there are lots of big spenders in this world, and giving them the ability to stay anonymous and transact safely is always going to be a good thing. After all, Canada is one of the most liberal countries out there, so allowing users to play with decentralized currency aligns with their national values.

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