Digital Euro moves forward in ECB’s two-year preparation phase


  • The European Central Bank has progressed to the active preparation phase in developing the digital euro, starting November 2023.
  • This two-year preparation phase involves finalizing regulations, conducting experiments, and gathering public feedback while crafting a legislative framework.
  • The ECB is committed to creating a digital euro that balances user needs with high security and efficiency standards.

The European Central Bank (ECB) has entered a decisive stage in developing the digital euro, moving from the investigative phase to active preparation. This phase, which began in November 2023, marks a significant step forward in the ECB’s commitment to introducing a digital version of the euro. The preparation phase, slated to span two years, involves finalizing rules, conducting experiments, and soliciting feedback. Concurrently, a legislative framework is being crafted to ensure that the digital euro operates within a robust legal structure.

This transition to the preparation phase underscores the ECB’s dedication to carefully crafting a digital currency that meets the needs of its users while maintaining the highest standards of security and efficiency. The draft rulebook, currently under review by the development group, reflects this commitment. The ECB has stated that based on the feedback received, necessary adjustments will be made to the draft to ensure it meets the high standards required for a project of this magnitude.

Digital Euro draft spurs diverse feedback

The initial draft legislation for the digital euro has elicited various responses from different quarters. In response, the Research and Development Group (RDG) focuses on several critical aspects of the digital euro. These include user experience, branding, communications, and the establishment of robust certification, testing, and approval procedures. The group also pays close attention to internal rules, risk management, interoperability, and the overall implementation strategy.

The ECB actively seeks collaboration with external entities in parallel with these efforts. A recent call for applications has been made, inviting experts and vendors to contribute to various components of the digital euro project. This includes alias lookup, fraud and risk management, app and software development, offline services, and secure payment exchange. This collaborative approach indicates the ECB’s openness to innovation and expertise from various sectors, ensuring that the digital euro is built on wide-ranging knowledge and state-of-the-art technology.

No final decision until preparations and legislation are complete

Despite the significant progress, the ECB has made it clear that no decision on launching the digital euro will be taken until all preparations are complete, and the necessary legislation is in place. This cautious approach indicates the ECB’s commitment to ensuring that the digital euro, when introduced, is not only technologically advanced but also secure, user-friendly, and legally sound.

The development of the digital euro is a complex and multifaceted project, requiring meticulous planning, extensive testing, and comprehensive legal frameworks. The ECB’s methodical and thorough approach in these preparatory stages is crucial in establishing a digital currency that could potentially revolutionize the financial landscape of Europe.

The ECB’s ongoing efforts in developing the digital euro represent a significant leap towards modernizing Europe’s financial infrastructure. With a focus on thorough preparation, wide-ranging expertise, and robust legislative support, the ECB is poised to introduce a digital currency that could offer enhanced efficiency, security, and accessibility to users across Europe. The next two years of preparation will be critical in shaping the future of the digital euro and the financial landscape of Europe as a whole.

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