dForce Launches Innovative Grants Program to Propel DeFi Ecosystem Forward

dForce Launches Innovative Grants Program to Propel DeFi Ecosystem Forward

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  • dForce has launched the dForce Grants Program (DGP), a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering community-driven innovation within its ecosystem, following the unanimous approval of the DIP061 proposal.
  • The DGP will support creative projects with financial, technical, and consultative assistance, and includes a special collaboration with the Arbitrum ecosystem to promote protocol integrations, enhancing the growth and diversity of the dForce network.

The dForce network has taken a significant leap forward in fostering community-driven innovation within the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector.

Following the unanimous approval of the DIP061 proposal, the network proudly announces the launch of the dForce Grants Program (DGP), a pioneering initiative aimed at supporting and nurturing creative projects within its ecosystem.

DGP: Catalyzing DeFi ecosystem growth and collaboration

The DGP stands as a beacon of dForce’s commitment to the expansion and diversification of its ecosystem. The initiative marks a new era where developers, innovators, and community members are empowered with financial, technical, and consultative support to bring their visionary projects to fruition. The program is particularly significant in its approach to community involvement, recognizing that the future of DeFi lies not just in technology, but in the hands of those who use and develop it.

The DGP will commence with a pilot program spanning two quarters, featuring a generous budget of up to $50,000 in $DF tokens. The initial phase is designed to lay the groundwork for the program, enabling the assessment of its effectiveness in nurturing community-led development. The grants are divided into two categories: Micro Grants: Aimed at smaller-scale projects, these grants provide funding of less than $5,000, offering a stepping stone for individual developers or small teams to explore innovative ideas. Community Grants: Ranging from $5,000 to $50,000, these grants target more substantial projects with the potential to make a significant impact on the dForce network. They are ideal for more mature projects that require a larger pool of resources.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to review the detailed guidelines and application process available on the dForce forum. The submission of proposals must follow a prescribed format, ensuring a transparent and fair evaluation process by the dForce Grant Committee. The initial phase’s results will guide the potential expansion and future direction of the DGP.

Strengthening ties with Arbitrum

In conjunction with the DGP, dForce has also embarked on a 60-day campaign following the receipt of an STIP grant from the Arbitrum ecosystem. The campaign is focused on promoting protocol integrations with USX and/or Unitus on the Arbitrum network, enhancing the interoperability and reach of the dForce ecosystem.

The campaign, featuring an open grant paid in ARB tokens, aims to incentivize developers to engage in meaningful integrations, adhering to the Arbitrum STIP Eligibility Requirements. The move signifies dForce’s strategy to not only grow internally but also to strengthen its connections with other key players in the DeFi space.


The launch of the dForce Grants Program is more than just a funding initiative; it’s a testament to the power of collaborative and community-driven development in the DeFi sector. The program promises to usher in an era of heightened creativity and innovation, fostering a dynamic environment where new ideas are not only conceived but also brought to life. As the DeFi landscape continues to evolve, initiatives like the DGP are crucial in ensuring that the growth is inclusive, diverse, and sustainable. The dForce network, through the DGP and its collaboration with Arbitrum, is paving the way for a more interconnected and robust DeFi ecosystem, where the community’s role is not just recognized but actively celebrated and supported.

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