Dialpad Unveils DialpadGPT, A Revolutionary AI for Enterprises


  • ChatGPT’s success led to major tech companies investing billions in AI, driving sector growth.
  • Google, Microsoft, Baidu, and others are embracing AI to maintain competitiveness and drive innovation.
  • AI integration across diverse industries presents investment opportunities with inherent risks and potential rewards.

Dialpad, Inc., a leading Ai-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform, has launched DialpadGPT, a domain-specific large language model (LLM) designed to automate tasks for enterprises of all sizes. This innovative AI aims to enhance customer service, sales, and recruiting experiences by harnessing the power of AI automation and AI assistance at scale.

A game-changer in the AI landscape

DialpadGPT is a groundbreaking AI model built on over five years and five billion minutes of proprietary conversational data. It is the first LLM tailored to cater to the evolving needs of today’s businesses and their employees. This real-time generative AI focuses on the language of business and utilizes conversational and messaging data across customer service, sales, recruiting, and employee collaboration.

Anjney Midha, general partner at a16z leading the firm’s growing AI efforts, commented on the launch, “Dialpad’s AI infrastructure is designed for some of the most demanding enterprise uses in the world. The launch of DialpadGPT – an LLM fine-tuned for enterprise communication – will tremendously impact businesses everywhere. Very few teams could pull this off.”

Addressing the challenges of existing LLMs

While existing LLM-based models like ChatGPT have proven to be a gateway AI for businesses, substantial challenges to adoption persist. These include limitations of scale, concerns about accuracy, lack of business-specific data, privacy, and security. DialpadGPT addresses these issues by leveraging Dialpad’s transcription engine, which offers best-in-class accuracy. It produces strong, unbiased results at a fast speed, provides the opportunity to scale, and meets high security and compliance standards – all at a lower cost than existing LLMs.

“LLMs are only as accurate and strong as the data they are trained on,” said Dan O’Connell, Chief Ai & Strategy Officer at Dialpad. “DialpadGPT was purpose-built for the enterprise and addressed businesses’ common qualms with existing LLMs. AI has been at the heart of Dialpad’s business for more than five years, and we’re excited to bring such a transformative tool to market.”

Scalability and Accessibility

Generative AI’s potential to reshape the business landscape is widely acknowledged. However, its adoption and implementation pose considerable challenges due to limited global capacity, including a shortage of computational power and escalating costs. DialpadGPT, designed with scalability in mind, makes AI readily available and enables enterprises to take advantage of Dialpad’s generative features on day one. For businesses grappling with AI and machine learning (ML) application deployment due to knowledge gaps or a lack of internal expertise, DialpadGPT is the go-to solution. It presents no-code options that address the worldwide hurdle to AI uptake in sales, service, and recruiting.

“The next wave of AI products will produce compliant, tailored, and unbiased results with greater precision and speed than we’ve seen historically. I believe Dialpad has cracked that code for how businesses land and communicate with their customers,” said Will Griffith, Founding Partner at ICONIQ Growth. “The launch of DialpadGPT has the potential to revolutionize how businesses think of, interact with, and capitalize on AI moving forward.”

Advanced features and availability

DialpadGPT is a further advancement of Dialpad’s AI technology stack, which features a proprietary real-time speech recognition (ASR) engine, natural language processing (NLP) models, and semantic search capabilities. It can boost worker productivity, drive a deeper understanding of customer attitude and sentiment, and transform how teams work with customers.

DialpadGPT is currently powering Dialpad Ai for customers in the company’s Early Adopter Program and will be generally available to all customers by October 2023.

Dialpad’s expertise in AI

Dialpad has deep expertise in natural language processing (NLP) and AI. In early 2018, Dialpad acquired Salesforce-backed TalkIQ, an enterprise AI leader in conversational data. With the acquisition came Dan O’Connell, former CEO of TalkIQ, and Jim Palmer, former CTO and Co-Founder. Now as the Chief Ai & Strategy Officer, O’Connell and Palmer, now VP of AI Engineering, continue to lead Dialpad’s AI vision with CEO, Craig Walker. The company has published nine academic research papers by Dialpad’s AI Engineers in the last year alone. Additionally, the company is experiencing record financial growth fueled by AI tailwinds and has landed on major industry lists, including Forbes Cloud 100 2023 (#25) and Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies.

About Dialpad

Dialpad is the leading Ai-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform that completely transforms how the world works together. They have designed a unified workspace that combines the most advanced Ai Contact Center, Ai Sales, Ai Voice, and Ai Meetings with Ai Messaging. More than 30,000 innovative brands and millions of people use Dialpad to unlock productivity, collaboration, and customer satisfaction with real-time Ai insights.

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