Deviation Games, Developer of PlayStation Exclusive IP, Shuts Down


  • Deviation Games, developer of PlayStation IP, shuts down, leaving employees seeking new opportunities.
  • Closure follows leadership changes and layoffs, echoing industry-wide challenges.
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment’s recent layoffs likely influenced Deviation’s closure, raising questions about project cancellations.

Former employees of Deviation Games, the studio behind an original IP for PlayStation, have confirmed its closure after less than four years of operation. Chief HR and operations officer Kriste Stull announced the shutdown on LinkedIn, expressing gratitude to the team for their dedication and contributions.

Unveiling the closure

The closure of Deviation Games was revealed through LinkedIn posts by former employees, shedding light on the fate of the studio and its ambitious project. Kriste Stull, the chief HR and operations officer, conveyed the news with a “heavy heart,” expressing appreciation for the team’s hard work and commitment.

Impact on employees

Senior Character Artist Alec Hunstad, among others, signaled their job hunt following the studio’s closure. With Deviation Games shutting down, employees are now seeking new opportunities, underscoring the personal repercussions of the studio’s demise. The closure adds to the challenges faced by professionals in the gaming industry.

Jason Blundell’s departure and layoffs

The closure follows the departure of studio co-founder Jason Blundell, known for his work on Call of Duty Zombies. Blundell’s exit marked a significant change in the studio’s leadership. Less than a year later, Deviation Games faced a wave of layoffs affecting over 80 employees, indicating internal struggles despite initial assurances of financial stability.

Sony interactive entertainment’s layoffs

Deviation Games’ closure aligns with recent layoffs at Sony Interactive Entertainment, affecting 8% of its workforce. The overlap suggests broader challenges within the gaming industry, with even established studios facing uncertainties. The cancellation of Deviation’s IP, despite previous assurances of financial security, underscores the volatile nature of game development.

The closure of Deviation Games, despite its promising start and exclusive partnership with PlayStation, highlights the unpredictable landscape of the gaming industry. Former employees now navigate uncertain waters, seeking new opportunities in a competitive market. The fate of Deviation’s original IP remains unknown, leaving behind questions about the future of its creative vision and the individuals who brought it to life.

The closure of Deviation Games serves as a sobering reminder of the complexities and uncertainties inherent in game development, even for well-funded and highly anticipated projects. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, the fallout from studio closures reverberates throughout the community, impacting not only developers but also fans eagerly anticipating new experiences.

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