Aave launches Len Protocol, a decentralized social media platform


TL: DR Breakdown

  • DeFi lending protocol Aave has launched Lens Protocol.
  • The social graph platform will allow users to own their data.

Today, in a bid to expand its operations and explore new opportunities, DeFi Project Aave announced the launch of Lens Protocol, a decentralized social media platform on Polygon. The company aims to create a self-sustaining economy that has an equitable relationship with its users. In this system, all members have the opportunity to receive value from their contributions.

For several months, the company has been developing an incredible decentralized application platform. This new platform will allow users to upload content, share it with other people, and be rewarded for their creativity and time spent doing so. Users from all over the world can use this system to buy and sell content, as well as interact with like-minded individuals.

“I am very pleased to finally announce the launch of our amazing decentralized social media platform on Polygon. I’ve been working towards this goal for some time now, and we are just getting started. The team and I can’t wait to see how members embrace this new decentralized environment and engage with one another,” said a spokesperson from DeFi Project Aave.

DeFi project Aave influence on social media

The Polygon-based decentralized social media platform gives users complete control over their personal data such as likes, comments, and shares. Moreover, no censorship or marketing agenda drives the content that people see on the site, making it more of a social media platform than just an online community.

“We are trying to create a social media environment that is completely unmediated, free of any corporate or institutional influence, and provides users with the freedom they deserve. This new decentralized system is also not controlled by bots or algorithms that can punish you for your posts; it’s all organic! Users will never have to worry about being punished for the content they post,” added the spokesperson.

The company’s vision is to build a safe and secure decentralized social media platform that provides true value for its users. It aims to empower all members while rewarding them with a sustainable revenue model based on their contributions.

In other news, TeraBlock announced a collaboration with SplinterLands to take DeFi gaming to a new height.TeraBlock and Sprinterlands combined forces to bring DeFi gaming into the future. Users can be able to use the TeraBlock token in bridging functionality across multiple blockchains and on the Spinterlands gaming platform, thanks to the collaboration.

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