Data Leak at Anthropic Due to Contractor Error



  • Anthropic had a data leak due to a contractor’s mistake, but no sensitive info was exposed.
  • It wasn’t a system breach, and there’s no sign of malicious intent.
  • Anthropic urges caution and offers support to affected customers.

In a recent development, Anthropic, a prominent LLM and chatbot firm, has confirmed a data leak resulting from a contractor’s unintentional mistake. The incident occurred when a sensitive data file was mistakenly sent to an unauthorized third party. While the company assures its customers that this was an isolated occurrence and not a breach of their systems, it underscores the ongoing challenges posed by human errors in the digital age.

Incident discovery and company response

Anthropic first became aware of the data leak on January 22, 2024, when the mistake was discovered. A company spokesperson emphasized that this incident was solely attributed to human error and did not involve any breach of Anthropic’s systems. The affected customers were promptly notified, and the necessary guidance was provided to address the situation.

The leaked data primarily consisted of names maintained in Anthropic’s systems and accounts receivable information up to December 31, 2023. Importantly, the company clarified that the exposed information did not include sensitive personal data, banking or payment information, or proprietary prompts or outputs. Anthropic’s internal investigation has not identified any malicious intent from this data disclosure.

Contractor error: A common data leak cause

Mistakenly sending sensitive data to unauthorized third parties has become one of the prevailing types of data leaks in today’s digital landscape. Human error remains a persistent challenge, even for companies with robust cybersecurity measures. This incident at Anthropic serves as a reminder of the importance of ongoing vigilance and security awareness.

Despite the isolated nature of the incident, Anthropic is urging its customers to exercise heightened vigilance. Customers are advised to be cautious, especially when receiving communications that appear to originate from Anthropic. 

These include requests for payment, amendments to payment instructions, emails containing suspicious links, requests for credentials or passwords, or any unusual requests. Maintaining a proactive stance against potential phishing attempts and unauthorized access is crucial in today’s digital environment.

Apology and support

Anthropic expressed sincere regret for the data leak incident and any disruption it caused its customers. The company assures its clients that its support team is readily available to provide assistance and address any concerns stemming from this incident.

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