DappRadar announces the Dapp store launch and plans for their token


TL;DR Breakdown

  • DappRadar reveals its plans to reposition to a full-scale Dapp store.
  • They also said that they are launching their native token under the ticker Radar.

DappRadar, a major platform for Dapp innovation, said it plans to launch the DappRadar store. They also said they want to launch their decentralized Radar token, which will guide their ecosystem to be fully decentralized.

The platform plans to offer an extensive customer experience to research and explore their favorite projects. They also plan to create an environment where users will freely engage through a Radar token swap and NFT trading.

Additionally, they want their native token to guide their future course of complete decentralization of the platform. This token will help to create an ecosystem that is independent within a Web3 infrastructure.

The Radar token will be an essential tool in enforcing decentralizing governance in this ecosystem in a few years. It will shine the way as the DappRadar ecosystem targets to become fully accessible, transparent, and easy to use. All holders will also get rewards for contributing to building a better ecosystem. Additionally, the company will share more details about the rewards through their official sites.

Developers and users to benefit from the Dapp store launch

DappRadar said they plan to launch their Dapp store and native token in a Somnium Space event on November 25. According to the company, app stores have centralized governance that asks for commissions of about 30% of the total revenue.

They went ahead to say that their Dapp store does not ask for commissions when referring users. As a result, the difference in the cost structures will be fundamental in the marketing of Dapps. 

Following this launch, users will now take part in essential polling processes in the ecosystem.

The launch announcement comes shortly after raising $5 million in a Serie A funding Drive. They also made about $2.3 Million in 2019. This shows their market dominance. The company is successful due to backing from other organizations like Naspers ventures, Blockchain.com, Prosus Ventures, etc.

More information about the DappRadar and the upcoming launch

Since its launch, the DappRadar has had immense growth while planning on building a community-centered ecosystem. By now, they get about 4million users annually in their extensive ecosystem of over 8,300 projects. These projects are spread across 27 different protocols and their portfolio management suite.

DappRadar aims to offer the necessary tools and capabilities to all blockchain and decentralization enthusiasts. In the blockchain ‘multiverse’ that grows exponentially, it is very risky for a user to find a good project. Therefore,  DappRadar focuses on doing accurate analysis that gives the users a better chance at nailing the best projects.

According to their CEO, Skirmantas Januskas, they built DappRadar to be a guide for decentralized apps. He also added that decentralization is the core of their success, and they plan to push it forward. He noted that involving the community is the surest way of creating a prosperous future for the company.

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