Cryptocurrency exchange Crypto.com battles user over mistaken $50,000 deposit

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  • Crypto.com seeks court confirmation of an arbitration award after mistakenly depositing $50,000 into a user’s account.
  • The user promptly transferred the money to an offshore bank account and refused to return it.
  • The arbitrator ruled in favour of Crypto.com and awarded them $76,391.46 but lacked the authority to compel the user to pay.

Crypto.com, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, has taken legal action to secure confirmation of an arbitration award in its favour after a user’s account was wrongly credited with $50,000.

According to court documents filed on July 6, Crypto.com claimed the funds were mistakenly deposited into James Deutero McJunkins’ account in June 2022. McJunkins swiftly transferred the money to an offshore bank account, evading Crypto.com’s attempts to recover the funds and refusing to return them.

To address the issue, Crypto.com filed a claim for arbitration in October 2022, citing civil theft and breach of contract by McJunkins. After a thorough examination, the arbitrator ruled in favour of Crypto.com and awarded the company $76,391.46 in April 2023. This includes the initial $50,000 transaction, statutory interest of $1,786.11, lawyers’ fees of $21,205.35, and arbitration expenses of $3,400.

Despite the favorable outcome of the arbitration process, the arbitrator lacked the authority to compel McJunkins to make the payment. As a result, Crypto.com has sought a resolution by turning to the federal court system. On July 6, the company filed a petition with a Florida court, requesting confirmation of the arbitrator’s award and the entry of a final judgment in its favour against McJunkins.

This incident bears similarities to another case involving Crypto.com, which unfolded in May 2021 with two individuals in Australia. In that situation, the exchange inadvertently transferred nearly $6 million to the couple’s account and only discovered the mistake in December 2021.

Regrettably, the pair mistakenly believed the funds were a trading reward and proceeded to spend a significant portion of the money. Australian authorities have since accused both individuals of theft, and an ongoing investigation is underway.

Crypto.com remains committed to protecting its users’ interests and upholding its platform’s integrity. Such incidents underscore the importance of double-checking transactions and promptly reporting any irregularities. While the company strives to maintain a secure and reliable environment, users must also exercise caution and responsibility in handling funds received in error.

Hence, individuals and businesses in cryptocurrency must familiarize themselves with proper protocols for rectifying accidental transfers. Additionally, industry-wide efforts to enhance transaction monitoring systems and implement safeguards can help mitigate the occurrence of such incidents. By working together, cryptocurrency exchanges and users can contribute to a safer and more transparent ecosystem.

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